How many surgeries Galilea Montijo had and what her face looked like before she was famous

The host Galilea Montijo He is currently one of the most famous celebrities on Mexican television. Thanks to his charisma, his outgoing personality and his good vibes, he won the affection of the public, and he also has physical charms that are highly flattered through social networks.

Galilea Montijo has more than 9 million followers on Instagram, where she boasts her beauty and incredible figure. His aesthetic changes evolved over the years and the surgeries that are most noticeable are those of the face, precisely in the appearance of his nose and the contour of the face.

These differences in her appearance can be appreciated in detail when viewing photos of her early days as a driver. Galilea Montijo She has a natural beauty and as a young woman she participated in beauty contests, but apparently entering television and being so exposed led her to correct those little details with which she was not satisfied.

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In addition to the surgeries aesthetics, she also made a big change in style: she no longer uses such strong makeup, but instead opts for nudes and her hair looks neater. The looks that she publishes on social networks are very modern, such as mom cut jeans, blazer, leatherette pants and she stands out as a fashion fanatic.

The first appearance of Galilea Montijo On television it was on the cable channel Ritmoson Latino (1994-1998), from where he went on to the program “Fantastic love” with Héctor Sandarti and later to “Hoy” with Angélica Vale and Alfredo Adame. From that moment his name transcended in the show business and that was when he began to retouch his image.

The Mexican went to a surgeon To make her face slimmer, she increased the size of her breasts and hips, which made her body more striking on television. In 2005 he entered the “Dancing for a dream”, where he had an accident and danced in a wheelchair, and his changes were already noticeable.

Among the last surgeries aesthetic that was done, it was revealed that he entered the operating room again to have a marked abdomen and toned legs. This generated controversy about his state of health, because it was difficult for him to recover from this intervention, although at no time was his life in danger.

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