hour by hour, thousands of users without service in the AMBA are added and there are already more than 70 thousand affected

In the midst of the heat wave and with temperatures that after 12 noon were already climbing above 34 degrees, thousands of Edesur and Edenor users were already affected by power outages. According to data from the National Electricity Regulatory Entity (ENRE), There are more than 70,000 affected clients, most of them from Edesur.

In another exhausting day and in the middle of the heat wave with temperatures that this Friday could climb to 42 degrees, at the beginning of the day there were already more than 21 thousand users of Edesur without supply in the City of Buenos Aires and the Greater Buenos Aires.

Power outages in the city and suburbs

The The first cuts began to be recorded from 7 in the morning. At that time, the ENRE report already indicated that Edesur had 6,600 users without supply, in the neighborhoods of Boedo, Flores, Liniers, Mataderos, Parque Chacabuco, Caballito and Parque Patricios.

In the Conurbano, the cuts of Edesur affected Avellaneda, Almirante Brown, Lanús and Lomas de Zamora, according to the report of the entity that regulates the companies.

At noon, Edesur had more than 21,000 users without clients. Edenor, meanwhile, had 3,372 affected clients.

In the case of Edenor, there was a cut with 150,000 users affected, because a high-voltage line at Central Puerto was disconnected again. This Tuesday, due to a fire in the Buenos Aires district of San Martín, there were 700,000 users without service.

In the case of the area of Edenor, users without electricity supply were registered in the neighborhoods of Palermo, Nunez and Belgrano, where even a train on the Miter line was affected and was left stranded between stations.

Edenor had a lack of supply in the Buenos Aires matches of San Isidro, La Matanza, Escobar, San Martin, Hurlingham, Merlo, Pilar, Moreno, San Isidro and San Miguel.

From the Cammesa distributor it was possible to observe at 9 in the morning that the electricity demand to the Argentine Interconnection System (SADI) reached 20.839 mega watts. Yesterday there was a new demand record, with 27,493 MW. It is the third time that the historical peak since the beginning of the year is broken.

Heat wave, power outages and when the temperature drops

Friday. For this Friday, January 14, a day with somewhat cloudy skies is expected in the morning, and partly cloudy in the afternoon, with a minimum of 26 degrees and a maximum of 42.

Saturday. For Saturday, a minimum temperature of 28 degrees and a maximum of 38 degrees is expected.

Sunday. For this Sunday a minimum of 27 degrees and a maximum of 32 is expected. This day, in addition, the great relief will come in the afternoon and evening hours, since a day with cloudy skies is expected, probability of rain in the morning and afternoon and evening showers.

Monday. Relief will only come after the weekend. On Monday the minimum temperature will be 20 degrees and the maximum 23, according to the forecast of the Meteorological Service.

Tuesday. A pleasant temperature is expected for Tuesday, with minimums of 17 degrees and maximums of 22 in the City and Greater Buenos Aires.

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