“Hot Food for your family” arrives in Cuauhtémoc to guarantee the right to food: Sandra Cuevas

Sandra caves, Mayor in Cuauhtémoc, announced the start of operations of the Program “Hot Food” for your Family, in which per dish will have a recovery cost of $ 20.00 for a full breakfast or meal.

The program will be permanent in the eight territorial directorates that exist in the Mayor’s Office as well as in the central government headquarters and there will also be a mobile community dining room providing this service in the 33 neighborhoods that make up Cuauhtémoc, he explained.

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To guarantee the right to food of the population, added Mayor Sandra Cuevas, there will be the traveling truck which will also reach the hospitals located within the demarcation.

He pointed out that eating well makes us strong and gives us health, in such a way that many human rights will be protected through this program since it is reported that at least 9.0% percent of the inhabitants of the city lack access to food. demarcation, that is, 41,887.8 people until the last study of 2015 prepared by the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (CONEVAL).

The CONEVAL that measures poverty in the country indicates that the Cuauhtémoc Mayor’s Office reports a -1.4 percent in Degree of Social Lag with respect to the 15 remaining Mayors of Mexico City.

Until 2015, the population in Cuauhtémoc was located at 465,420 inhabitants and the percentage of the population living in poverty was 16.0%, that is, 74,467.2 inhabitants. Currently the population of the demarcation is 550 thousand inhabitants.

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Moderate poverty, in said analysis, was located at 15.4% with 71,674.68 inhabitants; extreme poverty in 0.7% with 3,257.94 inhabitants; social deprivation in 31.5% with 146,607.3 inhabitants; by income 5.3% with 24,667.26 inhabitants, and by income below the welfare line there is 21.4% with 99,599.88 inhabitants.

Likewise, he continued, the more than 10 thousand workers of the Cuauhtémoc Mayor’s Office will benefit so that they can eat food in a decent place because “everything one does, must be done well, it must be done beautifully.”

For the Cuauhtémoc Mayor’s Office authorities, he said, it is clear that we must “see ourselves as a family and I try to give my family the best and for you it is this program, so that you can eat warm, daily.”


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