Horacio Rodríguez Larreta revealed what is the key for Juntos por el Cambio to be the government in 2023

The Head of Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, today asked the referents of Together for Change (JxC) to work and prepare for “return to being a national government in 2023”, within the framework of the Federal Meeting of the Pensar Foundation, one of the main thought spaces of the coalition.

In his videoconference speech, Larreta called to work on a national government plan on “a vision of a more federal country” and to “expand Together for the change to become government again in 2023 and transform the harsh reality of Argentina. “

In this sense, he argued that “A broader coalition is a prerequisite for reaching the government.”

With his sights set on the elections that will take place in two years, the mayor of Buenos Aires, who has presidential aspirations, raised the need to “think about sustained development for our country.”

On the national management of the Front of All, said that “we are in a process of unitarization of Argentina” and that “many provinces depend on the central government in a political, economic and social way, and we have an infinity of natural resources that are neither used nor exploited.”

On the other hand, he pointed out that the results of the last legislative elections “They confirmed that millions of Argentines said ‘enough’ to Kirchnerism and they entrusted Juntos por el Cambio with the responsibility of being up to the task and working to find a way out of this difficult situation that we are living in the country. “

He emphasized that “millions of Argentines are asking to build a country that works, that is clear about where it is going, and with opportunities for everyone.”

Together for Change is already thinking about what will happen in the next executive elections.

They will also participate in the meeting called by the president of the Pensar Foundation, Franco Moccia; The ex-president, Mauricio Macri, and the holder of the PRO, Patricia bullrich; as well as recently elected and current national deputies and senators.

Rodrigo de Loredo, Laura Rodríguez Machado, Gabriela Brower de Koning, Gustavo Santos (president of the Pensar Córdoba Foundation), Ingrid Jetter (president of the Pensar Corrientes Foundation and director of the Fundación Pensar Nacional), Soledad Carrizo, Soher El Sukaria (director of the Pensar Nacional Foundation), Omar de Marchi, Gabriel Frizza and Héctor Baldassi.

In addition to a score of professionals, researchers and teachers to participate in the panels on investment and employment, poverty, education, communication and macroeconomics. Among them, Hernán Lacunza, Marcelo Capello, Eduardo Levy Yeyati and María Belén Mende.

The PRO “think tank” was established in 2005 to develop public policies and government plans that “contribute to building a democratic, republican, truly federal, modern, fair, inclusive and sustainable Argentina in the long term,” the convocation indicates.

The Think Foundation works in conjunction with the other Juntos por el Cambio foundations: the Alem Foundation of the Radical Civic Union, the Hannah Arendt Institute of the Civic Coalition and the Fundación Encuentro del Peronismo Republicano, with whom it recently presented a “directional manifesto” on the future of Argentina, it was indicated.

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