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The father of ‘the disease’ has his own name: Michael Douglas. The tabloid British press revealed that the American actor had an uncontrollable sexual desire and his addiction to having sex had undermined his career and his emotional and mental stability.

The crossing of the legs of the actress Sharon Stone in ‘Low instincts’ is one of the most remembered moments of cinema. The film was released in 1992 and is a mix between intrigue and sex.

However, when it was taken for granted that Douglas – an expert in stories related to a risky sexual charge, thanks to other memorable hits such as Fatal Attraction (1987) – was “sick”, the press and the public found themselves face to face with a taboo subject in the American film industry, related more to excess or lust typical of famous men and women throughout the history of Hollywood.

It was the beginning of an epidemic. Two years after the scandalous headlines of Douglas, Hollywood’s most beloved Briton, Hugh Grant, showed a facet of his personality that contrasted with the image of a handsome guy with good manners and a bit clumsy, thanks to films like Four Weddings and a Funeral or the romantic drama Sensatez y feelings, by Ang Lee. Grant was arrested while in his brand new BMW with a prostitute named Divine Brown on a famous street known as the Sunset Strip, in Los Angeles. It was the most expensive blow job in history.

The actor was 34 years old and had a stable and enviable relationship with the model Elizabeth Hurley and the opening ceremony of the comedy Nine Months was approaching, in which he played a heartwarming new father. Nothing could be worse. His name was stained; but the subliminal shadow of Michael Douglas saved him from total disgrace.

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Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant confessed that he was drunk and it was an unfortunate situation.


Los Angeles Police Department – AFP

Grant starred in Notting Hill, with Julia Roberts, and at the time explained that his unfortunate ‘slip’ in Los Angeles – which incidentally made his date a celebrity – was linked to a sex addiction. The scandal died down little by little, Grant became for a time a confirmed bachelor.

Now, at 61, and far from his old idea that marriage and fidelity were something that never worked, he married the Swedish production company Anna Eberstein, in a happy coexistence of almost four years and more mature roles in series such as the thriller The Undoing (in which he plays an adulterous husband and murderer), the tender Paddington 2 and the series A very English scandal.


But the ghost of ‘sex addiction’ does not respect ages. A few hours before last Christmas Eve, actor James Franco reminded the world that sex addiction is not a ghost and that it “comes back from time to time.” Franco, the star of the award-winning The Disaster Artist And who was once compared to James Dean, confessed on Jess Cagle’s podcast that he faced a problem of sex addiction and that it led him to sleep with young students from his own acting academy (Studio4).

For more than four years there has been talk of the actor’s abuse of power, his apparent hypersexuality and some problems with women for wanting to take advantage of his celebrity status and wanting to spend the night with them. In 2018, two of his students received a little more than two million dollars from the actor and accused him of sexual exploitation and forcing them to develop erotic scenes in acting classes. That large sum of money was delivered by the artist in order to avoid a larger legal mess.

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The disaster artist

Franco (right) in a scene from The Disaster Artist.


According to the psychiatrist Rodrigo Cordoba, professor at the Universidad del Rosario, “the diagnosis of sex addiction does not exist. If you go to the psychopathology manuals, it doesn’t exist. It is an approximation and has two things: one, which is the attempt to correlate what is addictive behavior, that is, irrepressible, thoughtless and impulsive, which requires having a stimulus to calm anxiety. Those people need to have a sexual activity to lessen your anxious symptoms. What people tend to call sex addiction also occurs in some clinical conditions, manic compulsive episodes or in frontal lobe pathologies ”.

– Being famous awakens these pathologies? We asked him.

–I would say that, more than anything else, they are more visible, because people follow this type of person and the confession of this type of problem becomes a headline –said Córdoba

These people need to have a sexual activity to decrease their anxiety symptoms.

The agenda of Lindsay Lohan –With his 150 lovers– included several music and film stars such as Justin Timberlake or Franco himself, and he immediately obtained his status as a ‘patient’.

It was also said that, in the brightest stage of his career, Britney Spears He experienced the same situation of sex and public signaling. A former bodyguard of the singer tried to reveal an alleged life of parties and orgies of the pop princess in a book that was to be released in 2012 and that, luckily for her, a star who seems to collect scandals, was neutralized by her agents .

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'I'm not interested in what the public thinks': David Duchovny

The 57-year-old also writer and musician starred in the acclaimed series ‘Californication’ between 2007 and 2014, but says that Mulder is his character, that he is his owner.

But the real problem he faced was a total dependence on pornography. Duchovny’s confession came in 2008, and although he was able to recover from his addiction, three years later he separated from his wife Tea Leoni for “irreconcilable differences.”

Now he spends his time playing guitar, writing novels like Holy Cow, in which a cow, a pig and a turkey escape from a farm to try to change their lives; on par with starring in independent film projects such as The Bubble, a film by famed comedy producer Judd Apatow who, among other things, produced the 2016 series Love, by Netflix, in which couple conflicts were mixed with situations in which characters visited an organization of … Sex Addicts Anonymous!

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In that same tone, Hugh Jackman He had no qualms about talking about his irrepressible sexual energy, but unlike many of his colleagues he did not rush to a specialized clinic, instead choosing to appeal what he called “bed therapy with my wife,” Deborah-Lee Furness, who she can boast of having not only Wolverine in her house, but the most faithful and judicious husband in all of Hollywood.

Robert Downey Jr. He was also part of the club of excesses and uncontrolled sex. “I had an obsession with my penis,” he once revealed in a sarcastic tone, but making it clear that it was a stage in which he went from promiscuity to obsession.

Robert Downey

Robert Downey Jr. bet on love and marriage ..

Armie HammerAfter several accusations of abuse, explicit messages with cannibalistic ideas, he was admitted to a clinic to face what he called – like everyone else – a “strong addiction to sex.” On December 13, he left a rehabilitation clinic and now awaits the result of an investigation for assault and abuse that is ongoing in Los Angeles.

El actor Armie Hammer

Actor Armie Hammer, in a scene from ‘Call me by your Name’.

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