Hitzlsperger wants to fulfill the contract, "if the supervisory board so wishes"

Thomas Hitzlsperger will be retiring as CEO of VfB Stuttgart in 2022, so he did not extend his contract – and agreed to do so on Wednesday.

Want to bring full commitment to VfB Stuttgart in the next few months: Thomas Hitzlsperger.

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Thomas Hitzlsperger (39) will not extend his contract as CEO of VfB Stuttgart and will stop with the Swabians in 2022, that has been certain since Wednesday (read a comment on this: Away from the personality cult!). And on the same day, the ex-professional and ex-national player spoke in detail about his motives.

Hitzlsperger spoke about …

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… his decision to leave VfB: It’s not an easy moment. I spoke to the board of directors last week. It was in the room that we were talking about an extension. I have come to the decision that after six years at VfB Stuttgart, which were extremely intense, I want to draw a line. It is important that VfB know what my plans look like early on. I experienced a lot of appreciation and felt that they are convinced that I am the right person.

… the reasons for his decision: I have gained a lot of experience and leave VfB knowing that the club will be successful in the long term. I have worked to get competent people and give them responsibility so that we can keep the association running independently of individual people. Much has been achieved, but there is still a lot to do.

… the time until October 2022: I will be available until the last day of my contract in October 2022. I see it as my duty to complete my tasks by the end of the contract, if the supervisory board so wishes.

… his time at VfB: The association is alive. It was an asset for me. I can look back on incredible moments and experiences. I want to make good decisions by the last day. Something came about: We said we want a young team that is capable of development and that inspires the fans. We have clearly positioned ourselves socio-politically. There is a profile.

“I assume I’ll be there for another year.”

… the time of his decision: It has matured in the past few weeks. I took my time and spoke to a few people around me. It was clear that contract talks were pending. I wanted to be prepared for my future. I didn’t want the supervisory board to make me a contract offer and I would say afterwards that I’ve changed my mind.

… his relationship with President Claus Vogt: I don’t want us to focus on that. We are talking about a period of six years. That was an episode, but that shouldn’t matter. We have both demonstrated that we can resolve a conflict and, on behalf of the club, make decisions that will help us. Everything has leveled off again, we are looking ahead.

I feel connected and committed to VfB.

… his personal future: I assume I’ll be there for another year. It’s my job to do everything for VfB until then. I can only say that football is my life, that’s where I have the greatest expertise. I can always imagine having my place there in the future. The tasks at VfB are so demanding that I don’t even have the capacity to deal with other things now.

… a possible move to the DFB, who wants to elect a new president in March 2022: My contract runs until October 2022. I feel connected and committed to VfB. As long as I’m required here, I’ll stay. I didn’t hear anything and didn’t think about it. Besides the supervisory board, I will soon be relieved of my duties. For my part, there are no such ambitions.

… the requirement profile for his successor at VfB: I will have this discussion with the Supervisory Board. It is an important decision how many people will be on the board in the future and how the departments will be distributed. I cannot give the answer now. It is not an easy task. But I’m sure we can do it.

recorded by David Bernreuther

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