His grandmother died in 2017, he never deleted contact and was surprised

Each one takes the duels as they want and above all as they can. A tweeter shared what happened to him when years after the death of his grandmother he was encouraged to review his contact from WhatsApp and he got a big surprise that in a matter of hours went viral. “My grandmother passed away in 2017 but you can see that the cell phone company gave her number to someone else“he explained Luciano Gualdoni in your account Twitter. The publication was accompanied by a screenshot in which you could see the contact’s profile.

The number was scheduled as “Grandmother Ophelia“And he had the notifications not silenced, but what caught his attention was something else. The profile picture did not match what one expected of one”nona“In the image you can see a pink satin background, a plush rug of the same color and on it the figure of a slender woman. Although you cannot see her face, you can see some black buccaneers and that she wears a set of red bralette and thong.

Shared a photo of “her grandmother” on Twitter and the memes exploded

While it is obvious that someone else now has the number that belonged to the lady, several tweeters took advantage of the “confusion” to make funny jokes. “I don’t know how your grandmother was, but a priori I reincarnate well”, They assured him.

The reincarnation of grandmother. Pass me the number I want to be your grandfatheradded another tweeter among a group who asked him for Instagram, WhatsApp and until OnlyFans. Of course, there were also those who did not believe that it was really the grandmother’s cell phone, but rather that she scheduled it that way on purpose to hide the contact from the curious eyes of her partner.

It reminds me of when my ex had an agenda for ‘Administrative Marisol’ on his cell phone and the profile picture was very similar to this“, wrote Martina sanchez. “If it’s any consolation, she wasn’t the mistress, she was a prostitute“replied a user.

It is no longer the one to hide the murky contacts by putting the contact, ‘Mecánico Jose’, ‘Aire Acondicionado Juan’ or ‘Abuela Ofelia’, proposed Pablo. “Grandmother Ofelia, Mechanic Luis, Jorge plumber … call your trap whatever you want. Grandma’s memory is intact even though ‘she’s seeing everything’, don’t forget”, Sentenced another tweeter.

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