Hernán Galíndez and the controversial charge in favor of Colo-Colo: “It makes me sad, it was not criminal”

The goalkeeper of Universidad de Chile, Hernán Galíndez, lamented the first goal received in the blue goal in the Chilean soccer superclásico, after a controversial penalty charged against him. The Ecuadorian was clear in stating that there was no foul on Colo-Colo striker Juan Martín Lucero.

“I go out after the hitch and the ball is in my right hand automatically, that’s what I told the referee. It is clear that he is going to fall because it comes with inertia, but it is not that there is a crash or something. I saw the image and the ball remains in my hand, ”said the goalkeeper in an interview with the official broadcast. Galindez added that “It makes me sad because it was not criminal.”

After payment, Colo-Colo took the lead thanks to the annotation of the Peruvian Gabriel Costa. For his part, goalkeeper Hernán Galíndez was replaced by youth player Cristóbal Campos.

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