Here’s why the Joker isn’t Batman’s greatest nemesis

Many fans are impatient with the exit of next movie The Batman, realized by Matt Reeves and or Robert pattinson will play the famous Super hero of the’DC universe. And who says superhero, necessarily says supervillains not far. The next film seems to particularly highlight the characters of the Penguin (Colin Farrell) and The Riddler (Paul Dano), thus seeming to leave aside one of his sworn enemies : the Joker. If the latter is often considered to be the vigilante’s worst enemy of Gotham City, he might not be the greatest of his enemies.

the joker and batman

The Joker often likes to proclaim himself as Batman’s greatest nemesis, helping the Dark Knight to constantly surpass himself in his fight against crime. Yet the facts tend to prove the contrary. The Joker is too chaotic to be responsible for the development of Batman. Although he tends to confront Bruce Wayne with his worldview, the hero almost always wins thanks to already existing tactics, in particular the confidence which he places in his allies. However, he’s another villain who seems to actually help Batman evolve during their clashes.

It’s an undeniable fact that Batman and the Joker share an unwavering bond. Both were created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger (as well as Jerry Robinson for the Joker). Now with several live-action adaptations under their belt, both characters have moved beyond their origins in the comics to become popular culture superstars.

Even someone who has never read a single comic knows that Batman and the Joker are enemies. The two characters have become intrinsically linked in the collective imagination. Yet when it comes to developing the character of Batman, he and the Joker seem stuck in an infinite loop, with no real major evolution.

Source : Batman vs Joker – Jason Fabok & Brad Anderson

The Joker often states that it is his ability to make Batman the best possible hero which makes him the greatest nemesis of the Dark Knight. This objective was in particular the determining factor of the history of the arc “Death of the Family” from 2012. Mainly published in comics Batman #13 To #17, the story centers on the Joker attempting to eliminate members of the Bat-Family, who believe they are weakening Batman by helping him.

The Joker claims he’s the one who constantly tests Bruce and makes him stronger. But if he causes the Dark Knight to question his methods, the Joker stories tend to portray the exact opposite: The Joker pushes Batman to go further than his morals allow him to, but fails to actually change his methods or his relationships with others. Even when the Joker killed Robin, Batman ended up finding a new sidekick and continued in the same style. But surprisingly, the Joker’s claim is actually true, but for another villain: Darkseid.

darkseid: the greatest of nemesis?

Darkseid forced Batman to increase his superhero skills tenfold. Originally an enemy of the Justice League, Darkseid has nevertheless faced Batman individually on several occasions., forcing each time Bruce Wayne radically changed his outlook on approaches.

In the comic book series Final Crisis, released between 2008 and 2009, Bruce finally breaks the ban on the use of firearms in an attempt to kill the evil New God. Time-powered by Darkseid, Bruce travels through different eras testing his resolve and skill, while greatly strengthening his connection to Gotham City as well as his understanding of the city.

When he returns, Bruce went on to found the world team Batman Inc., partly inspired by having been Batman in different eras, but also by Dick Grayson’s ability to have replaced him in his absence. Darkseid also inspired Bruce and the Justice League in the creation of one of his most impressive costumes, the Hellbat armor.

Whenever Batman confronts Darkseid, the scope of his mission expands, and the hero comes to show real inventiveness by adopting technologies or tactics never seen before. The Joker might wish that Batman’s evolution was just his own doing, but everything suggests that Darkseid is the supervillain who genuinely forces him to develop. We still find this diagram in the recent comics Justice League : Last Ride #7, where Batman goes from the idea of ​​dissolving the League to that of extend it to a universal order operation, drawing inspiration from the malevolent forces of Darkseid.

However, No one can ever ignore the Joker’s unmistakable influence on Batman. He has repeatedly succeeded in traumatizing Bruce Wayne like few have. But rather than pushing Batman to grow up as a hero, the Joker seems more inclined to want to torture him in an endless cycle, thus testing his resolve but without really requiring him to grow up. And while the Joker would probably hate to hear that, Darkseid comes across much more as the one who actually forces Batman to be the greatest superhero possible.

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