Her boyfriend was a policeman, he was jealous and beat her: she could not report him and ended up poisoning him

Yanina Coronel It is sadly celebrated at this time in the city of Santa Rosa, in La Pampa. The reason? She was arrested this Friday afternoon for murdering her police boyfriend who was aggressive towards her. Those close to the girl specified The Diary of La Pampa that they kept a “violent relationship”.

The agent of the forces, Gabriel Páez Bathrobe, a member of the Rural Security area of ​​Regional Unit I, was allegedly poisoned by Coronel. According to the researchers, there would be no doubt that it was a fact “intentional”.

The large amounts of methomyl found in the mixer with which he prepared the drink would indicate this. The envelope containing the product – used as an insecticide – was found in a courtyard of a neighboring house to which the couple lived.

Why did Yanina Coronel murder her partner?

From the victim’s surroundings they assure that the murderer had never made any complaints. However, there are several testimonies to which he had access The Diary of La Pampa that account for a context of gender violence.

From the local media they remarked: “She wanted to report it, yes, but she encountered the numerous difficulties involved in trying to carry out an action of this type against a police officer”.

“They didn’t give him a ball”They argued about Colonel. On the other hand they remarked that there was “jealousy” and a “sick control” to which Páez would have subjected her.

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