Hebe de Bonafini struck down Alberto Fernández and asked him to get to work

The reference of Madre de Plaza de Mayo Hebe de Bonafini analyzed the defeat of the Frente de Todos in the PASO elections and, as usual, charged against the President of the Nation, Alberto Fernandez, and their Cabinet members.

“If the president does not change a lot of people who are next to him, who do the newspaper like a Yirigoyen, a special newspaper for him, will not be able to work, “he said. By Bonafini a We are Radio.

And he added: “The President always listens to those who do not have to listen: to the rich, to the powerful, to the butchers, he joins with the fat ones of the CGT. And well, these are the consequences. It seems to me that within all the seriousness it is, it is good for those who do nothing or thought we had the cow tied up, do something ”.

He also pointed out that Fernández’s credibility is at stake and said that “the president made a promise again, he said again. I do not know if we are to believe him or not because he says many things that later he does not comply. What we told him so many times, that he listens to who has to listen, he realized now that he has to listen to those we told him from the first day we saw him ”.

“This is like the virus. They give you a vaccine so that you create your own defense. Now they vaccinated us with a needle this big. Let’s see if they react, let’s see if they work, because here four or five work, the others look. Now they are all going to have to go out onto the streets, because the rest are going to be out of work, all of them, ”said the unconditional ally of Cristina Kirchner.

Alberto Fernández with Hebe de Bonafini.

For its part, By Bonafini took the opportunity to criticize the former president Mauricio Macri. “Macri did everything to us Mothers. And it continues to do so to us: they cut off our electricity, gas, telephone, internet. There are two attacks on my door and the minister calls me two minutes later to tell me to stay calm, it was not for me, but it was at the door of my house ”.

“I don’t think the people who voted for them know what they are: jets, thieves, murderers, enemies of the poor. We already know what they are, a series of tormentors who lived on us, who pawned us for life and who knows when we are going to leave. It seems to me that people very well do not know. Some do and they are the ones who vote and think like them, who are the ones who made the destruction of a generation like that of our sons and our daughters, “he concluded.

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