The Circle of Biochemists of Misiones communicated what are the measures that will be applied in the event of non-payment of social works

During the afternoon of this Tuesday, May 10, biochemical professionals from various parts of the red land, which are grouped by the Misiones Biochemical Circle, met in the capital city, with the aim of communicating the new measures to the community. which will be adopted in laboratories starting next week.

At a press conference, the authorities of the Circle explained that for several months now they have perceived the lack of payment of different social projects, a situation that affects them when it comes to financially sustaining their laboratories and developing their activity.

“Today we are gathered here dealing with various issues, and one of the most important is the problem we have due to the non-payment of social work fees. As you know, 95% of our work is paid for through social projects and today this is added to the fact that many of them, both union and prepaid, do not update our fees as it should be, ” explained Biochemist Rubén Angeloni, president of the Circle of Biochemists of Misiones.

Given this, the members of the Circle’s Board of Directors, together with professionals from the entire region, made the decision to start charging fees to patients, understanding that it is the only way to sustain the operation of the activity:

“In no way do we want to impede patient care, and we want to continue working. For this reason, what we are going to suggest as a tariff difference, which will be charged in the laboratory, is simply to continue working and provide our service”, he added.

Regarding the cost of these fees, those present reported that there is a pre-established agreement, and that all professionals will have a minimum amount to apply to the development of the different laboratory tests.

“All the biochemists who belong to the province’s Circle of Biochemists agree with this decision, because we want to keep our laboratory open. The only way to do it is by charging this tariff difference, until the social works reflect all the increases they had in the tariffs that we perceive”, culminated affirming Angeloni.

Biochemists from the city of Puerto Iguazú, Aristóbulo del Valle, Jardín América, Oberá, Salto Encantado, San Ignacio and Posadas, among other locations, were present at the meeting.

About the Circle of Biochemists of the province of Misiones

The Biochemical Circle is the organization that is in charge of grouping and linking all the biochemists and private management laboratories in the provincial territory, it functions as the coordinator of the common actions of a union-business nature and direct administrator of the different economic activities.

“Our entity is in charge of bringing together the activity of private laboratories throughout the province, both within the clinics and outside of them. At this time we link more than 137 laboratories in the provincial territory and we work with all the social works that have an agreement with the Circle “, declared in a note to this medium Juana Lorenzo, current secretary of the agency.

With an active participation within the Unified Biochemical Confederation of the Argentine Republic (CUBRA), through this entity biochemists can raise various questions about their profession, negotiate tariffs and manage payments, among other issues.


President: Angeloni Ruben Marcelo

Treasurer: De Leon Alicia Isabel

Secretary: Lorenzo Juana Beatriz

Pro-Treasurer: Simon Alexander

Substitute Member I: Hernan Barrier

Substitute Member Ii: Maria Gabriela Caceres

Substitute Member III: Liliana Raquel strap

Substitute Member Iv: Gadea John Paul

Account Reviewers

Account Reviewer I: Krakowiesky Light Pink

Account Reviewer Ii: Quinonez Gladis

Account Reviewer III: Sthut Maria Cristina

Disciplinary Court


Venchiarutti Leonardo

Gabriel Villamayor

Valdovinos Pearl

Elizabeth Husulak


Ohashi Marcelo Naoyuki

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