In 2021 the incidence rate of coronavirus infections in young people doubled

Vaccination of adolescents in Resistencia.

According to data from the Covid-19 Situation Room in the country, in 2021 the incidence rate of coronavirus infections doubled in young people and tripled in those between 10 and 19 years old. The opposite happened for those over 90, who lowered the index.

The incidence rate means the speed of new cases in a certain population and it is calculated by dividing the infections that appear by the number of individuals that make up that group.

According to a document from the National Ministry of Health, the incidence rate per 100,000 inhabitants doubled in the age group of those between 20 and 29 and tripled in the case of those between 10 and 19, which shows that the second wave affected the youngest to a greater degree.

According to these figures, the incidence rate for the 20-29 age group went from 5,072 positives per 100,000 inhabitants in 2020 to 10,484 in 2021. In the case of minors between 10 and 19, the 1,511 registered last year became 4,633 in 2021.

Among other issues, these numbers led the health portfolio to begin vaccinating, with priority, minors with risk factors, an estimated population of 900,000 young people for whom Moderna vaccines donated by the United States were used. .

After the agreement with the Pfizer laboratory, it was decided that a good part of the 20 million doses that will arrive before the end of the year are intended for minors between the ages of 12 and 17 without risk factors.

Just over 100,000 doses of this vaccine arrived in the country on Wednesday, which will be used as a complement to Sputnik V and for minors with risk factors. Later with the next shipments, progress will be made with adolescents without comorbidities.

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