Health: What are the consequences of urinary incontinence? NMR | LIFETIME

  1. Physical level: Incontinence can cause, for example, urinary tract infections, due to a weak immune system, involutional changes in the genital tract and the decrease in urine pH; aspects of senility. Likewise, this condition can also cause skin lesions, due to contact with urine or the diaper that is used. For this Cotidian offers a portfolio specially designed for this pathology, which has a line of diapers, panty liners and towels, with high levels of softness and absorption.
  2. Psychological level: Incontinence can affect the person emotionally by lowering their self-esteem. In addition, it can influence the increase in anxiety and stress levels, and even promote states of depression in your life. It is important to mention that incontinence is more common than is thought, that is why the brand seeks to train on this subject.
  3. Social level: Incontinence can isolate the person from others, damaging their interpersonal relationships. That is, for fear of suffering the consequences of incontinence in public, you can, for example, stop leaving the home, not take trips or excursions, or avoid using public transport.

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