Carlos Arce participated in the second edition of the “Dientes Supersanitos” dental campaign

“In Iguazú, I participated together with the Minister Oscar Alarcon, of the start of the second edition of the “Super healthy teeth” campaign, in the educational park of Barrio 1 de Mayo, organized by the London Supply Foundation, which once again shows its commitment to the development of the town”, said Carlos Arce in your Twitter account.

The dental campaign “Dientes Supersanitos” was organized by the London Supply Group Foundation with the support of the Ministry of Health of the Province of Misiones and in coordination with the provincial General Education Council.

After the painful pause imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the London Supply Group Foundation resumed its face-to-face health campaigns this Wednesday at the “Barrio 1° de Mayo” Educational Park with a new edition of “Dientes Supersanitos”, for the prevention and care of children’s oral health.

The campaign will include a dental check-up for the 1,500 students who attend the institutions of the educational complex sponsored by the Foundation: Primary School No. 875 “Doña Mercedes García de Taratuty”, Provincial Oriented High School No. 106 “Don José Taratuty” and the Mother Teresa of Calcutta Maternal and Child Garden.

This program, whose first edition was held in 2019, has its origin in the “Supersanitos” pediatric campaign, which the Foundation has carried out since 2017 with the mission of providing comprehensive medical care to children of this missionary institution.

Once again, the dental campaign will have the collaboration of outstanding professionals from the provinces of Buenos Aires and Misiones, coordinated by Dr. Paula Guz; and with the support of the Ministry of Health of the Province through the head of the oral health program, Dr. Luis Orlando Triadani, and the director of the SAMIC Hospital in Puerto Iguazú, Dr. Raquel Matcoski.

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