He went to a bar, ordered a drink that annoyed the waiter and they left an outrageous message on the ticket

In the social networks Different user stories that many consider unusual are frequently viralized. On this occasion, a man went to a bar in Puerto de Santa María, in Cadiz, Spain, with his wife to have a good time having a few drinks but por his demands ended up being aggrieved by one of the employees and was downloaded on social networks.

One of the protagonists of this event was the user of Facebook Alejandro Sanchéz Nieto who visited said establishment with his partner. The subject narrated in his post that this was one of the “most embarrassing moments” of his life.

We were having a drink, the umbrella fell with the fresh glass, it made me dripping, the waitress came and I told her not to worry that those things happen. Total, we were still there and we were comfortable, we had paid for the glass, and we asked for another“. began his story.

In this context, they took his order again, but as the other waiter left to go to prepare the drink, he dropped the previous ticket and the man discovered that it said something else: “We asked him for a Larios and the cacique without lemon. AND the message said: ‘”chieftain without lemon, his dead, he could take it away with the deo el cabron’ [sic]”, he detailed.

The diner I had ordered a cuba libre made with a Spanish brand of rum without lemon, but apparently the waiter was bothered by the way he ordered the drink and wanted to make a kind of joke so that he had to remove the lemon slices, which he usually carries, with his fingers.

I wanted to die, I went in to tell the girl at the bar, she smiles and says that they are things between them. He takes my ticket and tears it up, I didn’t know I took a picture of him. My wife came in to pay and they told her the same thing, that this is a joke between waiters, that they did not think that“, he pointed.

Not receiving the kind of apology that he expected, he decided to share what happened in a Facebook group and described the situation as “one of the most embarrassing moments” of his life. “Now if you want to go, you know what they think of their customers”added.

However, some users on the social network recognized that they were regular customers of that bar and that they had never experienced something like what he related: “I am a regular customer of that bar and I have never seen a bad face or a bad comment from the waiters who work there. The lemon comment, although ugly, is not directed at you in particular. Whether it was you or the Pope, or Christian, the comment would have been the sameassured a user in the Facebook group.

Also, other people recommended that he give so much importance to the subject and that he take it with something humorous: “Sorry to laugh, I see that on the ticket and I take it as a joke (joke)”. While others sided with the waiter: “What a shame that the millions of times in which the client disrespects the worker is never published“.

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