He was eating his hamburger in Bolivia and he found a human finger: “I took it out of my mouth”

He sensed something out of the ordinary as he chewed his food. At first she thought it was an animal bone, but she was wrong. In Bolivia, a woman found a human finger on the hamburger she had just bought in a gastronomic establishment. The news generated a national stir.

The young Estefhany Benítez assured through her social networks that on September 12 she ordered a combo at Hot Burger, a fast food outlet located in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

At one point in the night, when he was tasting his hamburger, he found the top of an index finger. “I took three bites, ate the fourth and felt something in my mouth. I thought it was a bone, I took it out of my mouth,” Benítez told the Cadena A news portal.

Whistleblower. Benitez spoke to the local media. Photo: capture / Cadena A.

At that moment, the client grabbed the finger and approached the store to claim, with cell phone in hand. “I started recording and one of the employees there told me ‘Miss please don’t record’. I told her ‘I’m going to record because no one gives me a solution and she answered me:’ Why are you coming to eat in public places, then? “She said.

She revealed on her Facebook account that those responsible for Hot Burger continued to work long after the episode. “They tried to close the branch and they turned off everything and they returned to attend as if nothing had happened. To top it off, they told us that they would return the money, it is as if nothing had happened. Please share,” he wrote on the web.

Benítez confirmed to Cadena A that his sister reported the incident to the authorities, who confirmed that the finger in question was of human origin and then closed the premises.

Episode. The customer took photos of the hamburger and the found index finger.

“I can not sleep”

“My sister went to report to the FELCC (Special Crime Fighting Force) and they began to investigate and then they brought the finger in a plastic bottle. I was traumatized, I can’t sleep, I can’t be well, what if the finger had a bacteria, a disease, “he said.

The director of the FELCC Edson Claure stated, quoted by the local newspaper La Razón, that his agency found out that an employee of the Hot Burger branch had had an accident with his hand while preparing the meat for the hamburgers.

“According to the administrators (Note: of the fast food chain), they would have discarded that meat where the employee would have lost the index finger, but, then, these extremes are not evident,” Claure said, according to the Erbol newspaper. , said that in the next few days they will interview the owner, administrator and all employees.

Publication. The statement issued by the fast food chain.

For its part, Hot Burger issued a statement on its social networks. “Faced with a fortuitous incident that occurred with one of our employees, the company immediately activated all emergency protocols, prioritizing the health of the worker at all times, who is already in the recovery stage,” they stated.

“Likewise, an internal investigation protocol was immediately activated to establish how an element foreign to our product reached one of the branches of our chain,” they wrote. /Clarion

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