He raped his stepdaughter for three years: he turned himself in at the police station just when his partner denounced him

The Buenos Aires town of Villa Lynch became the scene of a dramatic event: an individual was detained at a police station just when his partner was denouncing him for having raped his daughter for three years.

Spokespersons for the San Martín judicial department revealed to cronica.com.ar that the abuses took place inside a farm, located on Calle 8 de Mayo, in Billinghurst, northwest of the provincial suburbs.

According to what was stated by the informants, the 31-year-old complainant visited the headquarters of the San Martín Women’s and Family Police Station, located in Miter at 4500, almost at the intersection with Dardo Rocha, in Villa Lynch, where he held that her partner had raped her daughter.

It transpired that, in her narration, the woman pointed out that the 12-year-old minor confessed to her that on the nights of May 1 and June 9 last the man entered her room, crawled into bed, and sexually subdued her.

While the mother of the child was filing the complaint with the uniformed officers, the individual was present at that police station and surrendered in detention.

It is claimed that, subsequently, it was found that the little girl was raped by her stepfather since she was 9 years old.

Later, the 46-year-old suspect was taken in a preventive manner to the Billinghurst branch (5th of San Martín).

He intervened in the case, which was titled “Sexual abuse”, the doctor Mariano becerra, prosecutor of the Functional Unit No. 14 -mathematics of Crimes Against Sexual Integrity and Human Trafficking-, dependent on the San Martín courts.

Becerra ordered that the victim be subjected to a series of expert reports.

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