He had a national arrest warrant and they caught him in Las Heras


The criminal attempted an assault on a business in San Rafael with a henchman, who was wounded and captured, and Anfuso managed to escape, until he was identified and arrested in Las Heras this Tuesday.

But the escape did not last long, as the investigations initiated at the UID of Las HerasOnce the request for collaboration from the UID of San Rafael was received, they coordinated between both units, it was determined that the detainee used another name and was hiding in the Jardines de Hualilán neighborhood (Block F, House 5) of El Challao, Las Heras. For this reason, from this Monday a bolt operation was arranged in the vicinity with alternative surveillance posts.

It is Tuesday, at approximately 3:00 p.m., the staff observed that Anfuso left the property, and then the operation was activated, and in Santiago Ochoa street (s / n), in front of Manzana F, his arrest was achieved. He was transferred to the Iriarte Sub-Police Station, Lasherino department, where he was housed, and the Police Health medical staff reviewed him and diagnosed abrasions in the buttock, inguinal area and lower left limb.

The arrest of Anfuso was immediately notified to Jorge Vera, fiscal assistant of the Fiscal Office No. 5, and the judicial and police authorities of San Rafael were also informed.

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