He found a rubber penis inside a jar while cutting the grass in his house

A young man denounced this Tuesday the discovery of the remains of a penis, which was inside a glass jar and it was lying on the front patio of a house in the town of Balcarce. After the complaint, members of the Scientific Police of the province of Buenos Aires came to the scene to seize the male member and carry out the necessary investigations into the events.

The unusual discovery took place in a house located on Maipú Street, between 17 and Valle Avenue. The male member was seized by the police and was transferred to the local Prosecutor’s Office, which intervenes in the case entitled as “Finding of human remains”.

As reported by the local media We are Balcarce, the penis was found by a young man while cutting the grass in the front yard of the property. After the terrible discovery, the worker quickly notified the Police.

“The member was in a jar that the gardener accidentally broke while weeding”said the same sources, who also indicated that the gardener did not attend the home for three months.

For their part, the researchers do not rule out any hypothesis and acknowledge that this unusual fact opens a “very wide window” of possibilities. “Being in the jar, these remains could be preserved for quite some time”they reasoned.

The Scientific Police will make the pertinent analyzes to determine if the origin of the penis is human and specify the composition of the liquid that the member conserved.

Killed her ex-husband, cut off his penis and cooked it

A few months ago, a Brazilian woman was accused of killing her ex-husband and then cutting off his penis and cooking it. Is about Dayane Cristina Rodrigues Machado (33 years old, who was arrested by the Police in the city of São Gonçalo.

The agents found, inside the home, the lifeless, naked and mutilated body of the victim who was identified only by his first name, André.

Investigators believe the woman had cut off her husband’s penis and then cooked it with soybean oil in a frying pan, for which they seized a kitchen knife. In this sense, Rodrigues Machado is accused of murder and desecration of corpses.

The British newspaper Daily mail, quoted Carla Polycarp, Machado’s lawyer, who said that the woman had been threatened and attacked by André, for which she attacked him in self-defense and had been a victim of gender violence. Despite this, Adriana Santos, sister of the deceased, assured that the suspect killed him as revenge for an apparent deception.

Polycarp added that “He didn’t accept the end of the relationship and said that if she couldn’t be with him, she couldn’t be with anyone”. In addition, he assured that his client is sorry.

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