He defended himself with a bottle from an attempted abuse: the man ended up arrested

A couple ended up with multiple injuries in the middle of a fight in which the woman defended herself from an attempted abuse. Both ended up in the hospital and the subject arrested.

The incident occurred this morning in Honduras at 400 and according to the victim’s account, a 46-year-old woman, the subject groped her in her private parts and tried to sexually abuse her. Faced with this situation, she hit him with a bottle and he responded to the aggression in a similar way. The scuffle caused cuts to the head and various parts of the body.

Upon arrival, the police from the Patrol Command found the two people bloody from the injuries they inflicted on each other and after hearing the woman’s testimony, they proceeded to arrest the man, a 49-year-old subject.

Both people were treated by staff from the Always in Place service and were taken by ambulance to Penna Hospital without risk of life.

The subject was left in police custody in the hospital compound and at the order of the UFIJ 15.

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