He decided to auction the motorhome he bought with his ex-girlfriend and put a description that went viral

Different publications tend to go viral on social networks. On this occasion, a man got fed up with his motorhome and to “get rid of it”, he put it up for sale through an auction site. Nevertheless, made a sincericide with potential buyers at the time of describing him on the page and his comment went viral.

The man responsible for making the viral comment lives in Britain. Some days ago, posted his Bedford CF on eBay to be auctioned virtually. “A reminder of some terrible life decisions”, he expressed as a joke. And I add: “Good good good. Where do I begin? My 1984 Bedford CD campervan is for sale ″.

The owner of the car was tired of the motorhome and decided to tell the truth. As he said, he had bought the truck excited when he was still with his ex-girlfriend. In itself it was more of a wish of hers. But now he does not want anything that reminds him of the past and less one “misery on wheels”.

I never wanted a caravan, but my now ex-girlfriend does. So we bought a truck without looking at it first. The intention was for it to be a ‘joint’ project, but it became her ‘on foot’ complaining about what we had acquired and all the time it took me to transform her ‘perfect and quiet cabin on wheels’. explained.

And continued: “Fast forward a few months and she decided to leave, probably because of a man with a much more impressive motorhome than mine, leaving behind this sad slab of misery on wheels. Which daily mocks my past failures and lost love”.

He decided to auction the motorhome he bought with his ex-girlfriend and put a description that went viral on social networks.

The subject pointed out that the motorhome is not an item that can be presumed. Rather, it is more of a demonstration of how the last years of his life were. That is why he hopes to sell it, close a “stormy chapter” and move on to new goals.

In addition to being an eyesore and driving down local property prices, it serves as a personal reminder that the last few years of my life have been truly and utterly a waste. As you can probably notice, I am eager to get this out of my life and move on after this turbulent chapter”. the man mused.

Yes indeed. When mentioning something positive about it, he specified that the vehicle is rock solid, does not leak or leak and is insulated against moisture. Also, the brakes work, it has electricity wiring, with a full bathroom, two water tanks and a heater. What’s more, this van is equipped with a kitchen and a refrigerator, although they do not function properly.

To finish his post, the owner of the van recommended that people not be forced or forced by their respective partners to have a place where they can have their “romantic getaways.” In that sense, he issued a warning to those interested in entering the auction.

If you decide to bid on the vehicle, I hope God does not want you to win, tYou will have to transport it or collect it yourself, because I do not have the time, the means or the will to deliver it to you.. It is not perfect (far from it). It is a cheap project and a good way to enter the world of caravan ownership. Only I’m trying to get some money back so I can have a great night drinking and then close this horrible chapter of my life. Happy bidding and good luck (God knows you’ll need it)”, He sentenced.

Finally, so far, the vehicle published on the auction site has reached a value of 1,590 pounds (2,168 dollars) and accumulates 42 offers from people who are interested in the van and help this young man close a chapter of his life.

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