Halo Infinite on PC: Does it change a lot from LOW to ULTRA in multiplayer?

Check comparison using the two settings

A Microsoft launched the open beta of multiplayer mode Halo Infinite on the last 15th of November, in celebration of the 20 years of Xbox consoles and from the Halo series, As a company strategy, the game’s multiplayer mode will be free for all interested in both the Xbox how much in the PC, allowing any interested player to enjoy the experiences of the universe of Halo together with friends.

On PC, unlike consoles, the range of different hardware in users’ homes is infinite and depending on the player’s configuration, the game will need to be at the minimum settings to perform well, and that’s what the channel was thinking. ElAnalistaDeBits posted a comparison showing the differences of Halo Infinite on low and ultra, check out the video below that demonstrates in detail.

The test was performed using a video card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 in resolution 4K, the difference in several items is very evident in the lower quality mode, among them we can mention the shadows that have a lower resolution and are less realistic, the ambient occlusion has more noise, the holes made by the bullets disappear faster and also there are scenes where there is dynamic lighting, where the quality drops compared to the ultra.

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Despite the differences, there are many textures that are the same in both configuration modes, which shows a good job of optimizing the 343 Industries, pleasing players who use the low quality, either out of necessity or to get a higher FPS rate during gameplay.

What did you think of the comparison? In which quality do you play the multiplayer of Halo Infinite on PC? Participate in the comments with your opinion!

Halo Infinite co-op campaign mode will not arrive until May 2022
Forge Mode will only be available in the third season of the game


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Source: ElAnalistaDeBits

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