Gymnastics and Vélez did not make a difference in La Plata

Vélez was more incisive, but Gimnasia and Esgrima La Plata could contain the attacks and that is why both equaled 0 to 0 in the match played tonight in the forest of La Plata for the eleventh date of the Professional League.

The development of the game was slightly favorable for the Liniers team, but they failed in the final stitch to be able to stay with the victory.

With this result, Velez is in the tenth position with 14 points, while the “wolf” only adds 11 and is in the twenty-first position.


Gymnastics (LP): Rodrigo Rey; Francisco Gerometta, Leonardo Morales, Germán Guiffrey, Matías Melluso; Eric Ramírez, Harrinson Mancilla, Brahian Aleman; Johan Carbonero; Luis Rodríguez and Nicolás Contín. DT: Nestor Gorosito.

Velez Sarsfield: Lucas Hoyos; Tomás Guidara, Matías de los Santos, Lautaro Giannetti, Francisco Ortega; Santiago Cáseres, Federico Mancuello; Luca Orellano, Thiago Almada, Lucas Janson; and Juan Martín Lucero. DT: Mauricio Pellegrino.

Court: Gymnastics (LP).

Referee: Nazareno Arasa.

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