Going back to school comes with strong increases: How to buy good quality supplies, but cheaper?

Parents with children of school age are already thinking about back-to-school shopping. But the preparations for the start of the 2022 school year encounter a major stumbling block: According to a recent report prepared by the consulting firm Focus Market, the school basket is marketed with increases of around 82% year-on-year.

The survey contemplated the combo of elementary school supplies, overalls and basic technological products. The kit named by the consultant “Elementary School Supplies” is made up of 21 products and has a price this year of $ 4,470, while in 2021 it cost $ 2,450.

On the other hand, the “School Combo 2022”, consisting of supplies, backpack and overall, has a value this year of $ 7,469, while in 2021 it cost $ 2,249, representing an increase of 76%. Dust covers can be found for a value ranging from $ 1,190 to $ 2,900 per unit.

Why were there such strong increases?

The founder and legal representative of Consumidores Libres, Hector Polino, said this Thursday to www.cronica.com.ar that the retailer may at some point abusively brand a product, because he does not know at what value he will pay it when he must replace it due to inflation, but “it is not a price maker “.

The founder and legal representative of Consumidores Libres, Héctor Polino.

“The large economic groups are price makers, but at the same time they are price deformers”, said the former national deputy.

Asked why, the consumer specialist replied: In the absence of competition, prices are unduly increased. The cost structure does not respond to any logic, only to obtain the maximum possible profitability “.

Suggestion to buy school supplies at a better price

“With regard to the school basket, I believe that the Education law approved by the National Congress in 2006 must be put into operation. The norm, in one of its articles, says that the educational authorities will promote the creation of school cooperatives and mutuals, proposed Polino.

The former national legislator explained that its implementation would yield two benefits for consumers.

“The first advantage is that it contributes to lower the prices of school supplies and articles, because It is not the same that a father goes to buy, that the cooperative does it in large quantities, because purchasing power is defended “, he pointed out.

The founder and legal representative of Consumidores Libres explained that the second benefit “It is that, as the school cooperatives are made up of primary school students, guided and led by the educational authority, it contributes to training Argentine children in the practice of new values ​​and authentically supportive, participatory and democratic behaviors”.

For his part, the executive director of the Institute for the Study of Mass Consumption (INDECOM), Miguel Ángel Calvete, agreed with the percentage increase published by the consulting firm Focus Market.

“The interannual indexes go between 71% and 82% percent for what is the school basket with regard to retail prices and, with regard to wholesale prices, it gives us between 65% and 73% percent”, specified in dialogue with www.cronica.com.ar.

The executive director of the Institute for the Study of Mass Consumption (INDECOM), Miguel Ángel Calvete.

Argued that the increase mayor the retailer responds to the merchant “wants to recover the unsold last year due to the coronavirus pandemic “. And differentiated: “The wholesaler has different sales dynamics, that’s why it is a few points lower.”

The consumer specialist, when evaluating the cause of the strong increases, said that, although “In the case of school supplies, the vast majority are the product of the national industry, almost 80 percent, they do not stop being manufactured with a ‘commodity’, in this case paper and plastic, whose values ​​are related to international prices and are positioned according to the variation of the dollar “.

Where to buy at wholesale prices?

Wholesale purchases are those chosen by large families. “In Capital Federal, they can be done in the area of ​​the intersection of Jujuy avenue and Cochabamba street. In Mar del Plata, Rosario and Córdoba there are also these areas “Calvete said.

To its turn, Emiliano Iglesias, president of the Avellaneda Avenue Merchants Association (ACOMA) and counselor of the Federation of Commerce and Industry of the City of Buenos Aires (FECOBA), also offered his recommendation to access quality and cheap merchandise.

The president of the Avellaneda Avenue Merchants Association (ACOMA), Emiliano Iglesias.

We, on Avellaneda avenue, in the Buenos Aires neighborhoods of Flores and Floresta, have the most important textile center in the country. And, in that area, sales wholesalers, such as families with three or four children, are very positive because they are made at a very friendly price for the pocket in this stage of crisis, specified in contact with www.cronica.com.ar.

Finally, Iglesias, advised potential buyers of elements of the school basket to come and walk along Avellaneda avenue, so that they choose the products within the reach of their respective economic levels.

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