Godoy Cruz cut his good streak and drew with Arsenal

TIE IN THE VIADUCT! | Arsenal vs. Godoy Cruz (0-0) | Date 15 – League Tournament 2021

With this equality, Godoy Cruz accumulates 22 units and is eleven behind the leader River Plate. Arsenal only have 12 points and are second to last.


Next Friday at 2:30 p.m. the Translator’s team will receive Central Córdoba from Santiago del Estero, on the 16th date of the championship.


In this match the archers Alejandro Medina (in the premises) and Juan Espínola (in the visitor) stood out.

In the first minutes, Tomba Gonzalo Abrego’s midfielder complicated the local with two offensive incursions. In the first arrival the defender Emiliano Papa saved his goal and in the second of those plays the midfielder combined with forward Cristian Colmán and Medina covered in good form.


At 16 minutes Martín Ojeda hit the crossbar with a header, after a great assist from Abrego.

The winery cast was more than the local, but could not translate that superiority into goals.


At 39 ‘, the team led by Israel Damonte had the first chance to score at the feet of Gastón Banavídez, but the shot went wide.

At 8 minutes of the complement, the local goalkeeper Medina covered a heads-up against Ojeda again.

However, the homeowner balanced the process of the match in the second half and reached the rival goal with danger.

In the discount, the tombino goalkeeper Juan Espínola saved his fence before an attack from the entered Lucas Albertengo. In that play the goalkeeper of the Express suffered a blow to the face, but recovered.

The synthesis:

Arsenal 0: Alejandro Medina; Gastón Benavídez, Gonzalo Goñi, Gastón Suso, Emiliano Papa; Nicolás Castro, Leonel Picco, Emiliano Méndez, Facundo Kruspzky; Bruno Sepúlveda and Nicolás Mazzola. DT: Israel Damonte.

Godoy Cruz 0: Juan Espínola; Gianluca Ferrari, Néstor Breintenbruch and Leonel González; Manuel Llano, Gonzalo Abrego, Bruno Laws, Ian Escobar; Martín Ojeda, Sebastián Lomónaco and Cristian Colmán. DT: Diego Flores.

Changes: ST at the beginning, Lucas Albertengo for Mazzola (A); 13 ‘Guillermo Ortiz for Breitenbruch (GC); 18 ‘Alan Cantero for Lomónaco, Tomás Badaloni for Colmán and Ezequiel Bullaude for Laws (GC); 32 ‘Brian Farioli for Sepúlveda and Alan Ruiz for Castro (A); 29 ‘Guillermo Pereira for Llano (GC) and 42’ Alejo Antilef for Kruspzky (A).

Stadium: Sarandí Arsenal.

Referee: Silvio Trucco.

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