Gisela Dulko made an emotional post on Instagram about her separation from Fernando Gago

It was a scandal. So great that, beyond the performance performance, it cost Gago the position of DT of Aldosivi of Mar del Plata. He had tail blows on social networks. The former Boca y Vélez deleted from Instagram all the photos in which he appeared with Dulko and stopped following her. She kept a tense silence, until this week she again made a post that, like an elevation shot, spoke of the pain caused by the break.

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“So long”Dulko wrote next to a photo showing her having returned to training. The greeting marked his comeback on social media. Later, he shared another smiling image, and with the text: “Nice day over here”. His return to Instagram completed it with an image of his childhood and a text that, although it does not do so explicitly, reflects on their separation, although it does so with a hopeful tone.

Dulko posted a photo taken 25 years ago in Luján. “I won the national tournament and it had been less than a month since my dad passed away. That photo says that in life everything happens, and what beyond the difficulties, you never have to stop smiling“Wrote the former tennis player next to the image in which she is seen happy for sporting success. Then he posted a series of photos of his beginnings in white sport in the stories.

The post sparked a stream of supportive and sympathetic comments. Among them, that of her friend Isabel macedo. “I love you with my soul,” wrote the actress, and got a heart response. Dulko and Macedo met when the former tennis player was in a relationship with Gago and the interpreter of “Floricienta” had started a relationship with Federico “Few” Insúa. The friends’ relationship consolidated over the years.

Both footballers were teammates in Vélez Sarsfield and their partners went to watch the games together. Later, Macedo separated from Insúa, but the relationship between the two remained intact, so much so that the actress chose Dulko as the godmother of Isabelita, her daughter with Juan Manuel Urtubey. That is why it was not surprising that she was the first to give her public support to the former tennis player, especially in a moment as difficult as the one she has to live.

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