Gigi Miter to Rosángela Espinoza in Amor y Fuego: “Justify what they have paid you” | This is war | Rodrigo González | Shows

Rosángela Espinoza It was featured on the program Amor y fuego, hosted by Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter. After having been away from television due to her departure from This is War, the former reality girl gave an interview in which she promised to tell her whole truth; however, he did not say anything revealing.

At one point, when the Peruvian model decided to show her talent by playing a cajon, the host of the program sent her a strong message. Gigi Miter did not tolerate that the former member of This is War has set conditions for the interview and revealed that the production had paid her for her statements.

“You didn’t tell me I was going to play the cajon,” said Rosángela Espinoza. “The gig was included,” replied Rodrigo González’s partner. The presenter spoke: “”. “The program is going to end,” added Gigi Miter.

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Why was Rosángela Espinoza eliminated from This is War?

During the interview, Rosángela Espinoza burst into tears when she said that one of the reasons for her withdrawal from This is War was related to the accident suffered by the reality boy Elías Montalvo.

“I was already one block from the clinic and someone from the production called me and told me not to go.”


They accused her of doing a show

He affirmed that the production directed by Peter Fajardo warned him not to visit him at the clinic because he wanted to attract attention in the midst of the heavy fall of Elías Montalvo.

“That was what happened. Then I received (…) I think it is convenient to say what I think, what I feel. Nobody is going to tell me what to do, “said the model.

Rosángela Espinoza revealed the true reason for her departure from This is War. Photo: Capture Willax / Capture America TV

Rosángela Espinoza launches hilarious comment to Gigi Miter on live program

The former reality girl went to the set of the program Amor y fuego on January 12, to talk about the work projects in which she has been working and the most controversial events in which she was involved after her departure from This is war.

In this way, Rosángela Espinoza joked with the possibility of being the new driving partner of ‘Peluchín’, a fact that made the host Gigi Miter nervous. “You are nervous, little daughter, no one is going to take your position away because I do not want to be a substitute for anyone,” Espinoza told Miter to calm the waters.

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