German trailer of the Korean zombie series from Netflix

All of Us Are Dead (c) Netflix

For many students, school is horror enough. What if real zombies appear there? This will soon be witnessed in the South Korean series All of Us Are Dead. Here is the new official trailer for it.

We will all die. there is no hopeOn Friday, January 28th, the new South Korean series All Of Us Are Dead will celebrate its global premiere on streaming market leader Netflix. A new trailer was released, this time also in German. At over two and a half minutes, it’s the longest preview to date. Can this make you take a look?

The setting of the new format is a high school that is being overrun by the undead. The zombies also exist in the media and so some have an idea of ​​what to expect, for example from “Train to Busan“. But is this knowledge enough to survive? Yoon Chan-yeong, Park Ji-hu, Cho Yi-hyun, Lomon and Yoo In-soo star in the series.

Yoon Chan-yeong plays Cheong-san, an ordinary student at Hyosan High School who tries to save On-jo, a girl he is in love with. What is he saving her from? Of course from the raging zombie virus that made him and the others seek the protection of their own school.

Park Ji-hu plays On-jo, who is described as cheerful and humble despite being the most popular girl in all of Hyosan. Actress Park won for her 2019 debut in “House of Hummingbird” the International Narrative Feature Film Award at the 18th Tribeca Film Festival.

Cho Yi-hyun plays Nam-ra, Hyosan’s head boy and star student. Cho could South Korea-affine series junkies from the drama “Hospital Playlist” know. Lomon plays Su-hyeok, a high school student who wanted to focus on studying and become a soldier before the zombie apocalypse. Last but not least, Yoo In-soo plays Gwi-nam, a student just returning to school when the virus broke out.

All Of Us Are Dead is based on a webtoon very popular in South Korea called “Now at Our School“. Lee JQ is directing, while Chun Sung-il is writing the screenplay.

Here is the German version of the official trailer for “All of Us Are Dead“:

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