Front runner Velbert cracks the bottom of the league Sterkrade-Nord – TuRU remains the number one pursuer

8th matchday of the Oberliga Niederrhein: SSVg Velbert was able to maintain the lead in the table against TuRU Düsseldorf. In the table cellar, however, it remains cozy.

Celebration mood in Velbert: Max Machtemes brought the SSVg Velbert with his goal to 1-0 against Sterkrade-Nord on the road to victory. (Archive image)

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Sovereign, but without shine, the leaders SSVg Velbert solved the supposedly compulsory task against the bottom of the table Sterkrade-Nord on Sunday and brought a comfortable 2-0 lead over time. 45 minutes were enough for the Primus to set the course for the fifth win of the season. At this point the favorite was already leading 2-0. In the 8th minute, Machtemes cracked the home side’s deep defense for the first time and gave his team an early lead. From then on, Velbert determined the game in the style of a top team and rewarded himself with the second goal of the afternoon shortly before the break whistle. As with the first goal, the otherwise stable defense of the home side was too passive, this time Urban benefited from it and netted to make it 2-0 (45th). After the break, the game flattened out. Without the oppressive superiority from the first round, Velbert continued to determine the rhythm of the game, but missed tying the sack early on. Against offensive harmless guests this was not necessary either. In the end, there was an undisputed 2-0 victory on the scoreboard. This means that the SSVg remain unbeaten in the seventh game of the current season. The still winless SpVgg Sterkrade-Nord, on the other hand, remains in last place in the table with a meager point.

TuRU Düsseldorf remains close on the heels of SSVg Velbert. Francisco Carrasco’s team didn’t miss anything against the recently strong sports fans Baumberg and achieved a deserved 2-0 home win. However, the Baumberger stuck in the relegation zone proved to be tough for the entire season, only the stronger offensive urge of the home team made the difference that day. The TuRU also played a little luck in the cards. In the 22nd minute, the home side were awarded a penalty, which Rey Alonso sank safely into the goal. With a 0: 1 deficit in the neck, you noticed the sports fans Baumberg, who had a successful English week behind them (two wins, 9: 2 goals), the high stress of the last days, so that in the decisive moments the last thought pace was missing. Shortly before the end, Düsseldorf then took the final knockout blow. Ayas scored the decisive 2-0 winner in the 93rd minute. This means that TuRU remains unbeaten in the seventh game in a row and draws level with leaders SSVg Velbert. Baumberg has to take a damper again for the first time after the recent success experiences and slips to 18th place in the table.

Chasing field stays tuned

The chasing field of the top duo of the Oberliga Niederrhein remains within striking distance. VfB Hilden, 1. FC Bocholt, SpVg Schonnebeck and 1. FC Kleve were all able to win and maintain the small gap to the top of the table. For VfB Hilden, a hit against the basement child TV Jahn Hiesfeld was enough to win the game – the final score was 1-0. In contrast, 1. FC Bocholt won over Schwarz-Weiß Essen much more confidently. Thanks to a strong first half, FCB celebrated a 3-0 away win. SpVg Schonnebeck almost embarrassed themselves at the relegation-threatened FSV Duisburg. However, Dirk Tönnies’ team was able to convert a 0: 1 break delay into a 2: 1. 1. FC Kleve could also look forward to three points. The man of the day was Nedzad Dragovic, who was instrumental in his team’s 2-1 victory with his brace.

It remains cozy in the table cellar. In addition to TV Jahn Hiesfeld, Baumberg and Sterkrade-Nord, SC Union Nettetal and Cronenberger SC also suffered narrow defeats. Nettetal lost 1: 2 at 1. FC Monheim. The Cronenberger SC also lost 1: 2. In the basement duel with 1. FC Mönchengladbach, the CSC lost a 1-0 break lead and ultimately important three points in the relegation battle.

In the middle of the table, Ratingen 04/19 and SC Düsseldorf West shared the points – final score 2: 2. There was a change of position at the border to the red zone. Thanks to a 2-1 victory over SC Velbert, the sports fans Niederwenigern pushed past the SCV and left the relegation zone. Velbert, on the other hand, slips under the line for the first time this season. The table also goes up for TSV Meerbusch. After the clear 4-0 away win over FC Kray, Antonio Molina’s team climbed five places and is now 13th.

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