From the front, Yanet García captures glances with her perfect silhouette

Yanet Garcia became the brand new first cover of Penthouse Mexico magazine and boasted the cover of it on social networks, revolutionizing its fans.

In the last hours, Yanet shared a photo on his official account Instagram that dazzled a large part of his millions of followers around the world. In it, the Latina can be seen displaying all her beauty before the camera for a photo production for the aforementioned medium. The native of Monterrey wore a white lace ensemble. In addition, the Aztec artist complemented her look with her loose hair with waves, medium earrings and a delicate make up.

“I am very happy and excited to be the cover of the first edition of the @penthousemexico Magazine in Mexico. Today I tell that Yanet from the past that if she can, that I am proud that she has not stopped fighting for her dreams despite the fact that so many people did not believe in her, despite the fact that so many doors were closed to her and she was almost yielded. Today I tell you that this is just beginning and that all the external but especially internal work so deep has been worth it. It is important to believe in yourself with all your might and to be brave to go for what your heart yearns for regardless of what others say or think. Only you know who you are, do not allow anything or anyone to define you. I have been strong and I have dared to break with stereotypes. A woman does not need to undress to be sensual, a woman can be everything she wants, there are no limits “was the first part of the extensive epigraph she chose Garcia to accompany his aforementioned snapshot on the popular little camera network.

“In this edition I open my heart to you and tell you all about my upcoming projects in the cinema, my preparation as a Health Coach and my new life in New York. Remember that you can achieve anything when you put your heart and dedication into everything you do. THANKS TO ALL THE TEAM FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE “closed Yanet Garcia.

Source: Instagram Yanet García

As expected, this publication whose only protagonist is the ex-partner of Lewis Howes was quickly filled with likes, easily overcoming the barrier of thousands of hearts. What’s more, Yanet Garcia In his post, he received hundreds of messages of affection and praise from his most loyal followers towards his magnificent physical figure and his chosen outfit.


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