From Berlin, Chucky Limón presents “El Disco Rayado”

Chucky Lemon just released his 26th album, called “The broken record”. The Argentine artist residing in Germany published a disc of ten songs composed in one night and released by the TuVieja Records label.

Immersed in a dark week of freezing temperatures in Berlin, the musician and composer Chucky Lemon he felt the urgent need to write. Thus, in one of those deep nights, the ten songs that are part of The broken record, new album by a restless artist who combines the Argentine rock of yesteryear with punk nods and classic airs, while reflecting on the cyclicality of time.

With the participation of multiple emerging musicians from the German capital, Chucky Limón sings again in Spanish in its twenty-sixth installment. Hand in hand with this intense recording career, the prolific 36-year-old composer recognizes his vital need to create and translates these feelings in a refreshing way on his new album: “After 25 albums, one wonders if it is not time to do something else. . Losing a hard drive destroyed 4 albums I recorded in 2020, and it took me a while to get motivated again. The broken record It made me realize that making music keeps me alive. If I am not in the creative process, I enter a state of self-destruction ”, says Chucky, through the broadcast statement.

He also adds: “This new album speaks of a non-linear idea of ​​time, that it can be cyclical, in a loop, and order can even be invented. You believe it, you believe it. The pandemic changed everything a lot; the purpose of things, reality itself. That is where the concept was born, of repeated situations, of falling on the same stone, of the fact that we contradict ourselves all the time, and that crossing the line is part of our nature ”.

Chucky Limón (Photo Mariano Scopel)
Chucky Limón (Photo Mariano Scopel)

Recorded and produced by Chucky Limón in the Kreuzberg neighborhood, in March of this year, The broken record It is as classic as it is transgressive. “We are not going anywhere, you have to get used to it”, sings in the opening phrase of the album as anticipating what is to come, a song wheel full of energy in which he explores his truths and his inner universe, with no goal other than the enjoyment and relief that making songs gives him: “The purpose making music is not commercial success, much less fame. I feel more identified with the idea that making music is painting a picture, without thinking about whether it will be sold, but with the idea that someone can get to enjoy it as I have enjoyed the music of others. I believe in music as a fundamental means of communication that can break down barriers of time and space. The engine that drives me to make music comes from there ”.

More about Chucky Limón

Chucky Limón was born in Buenos Aires in 1985. He is a multi-instrumentalist musician, composer and producer. After participating in bands like Chucky-Pages, Sincieno, Droga and Seven in Orchestra, in 2012 Chucky Limón launched his solo career and to date He has released 26 albums.

Since 2013 the musician has been based in Berlin, a city where he is dedicated to production with the TuVieja Records label and where he formed his current band, Euphoric Elephants. A few months after arriving in Berlin, he performed at the Woodstock Festival Poland, with half a million spectators. In 2014 he produced in London the album for Warhol Oliveira, “Canta Jodorowsky”. At the same time, he has collaborated with various projects such as Rudimentarios, The Conspiracy, Lakitah, Chicos de Nazca, Amaruk, among others.

In 2021, with constant productions throughout the years, and after releasing new material with Euphoric Elephants, Chucky Limón presents his album number 26, El Disco Rayado, with which he hopes to perform in Latin America.

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