FritzBox with hidden setting: How to find and activate Power Mode

Attention FritzBox owners: There is a hidden setting in your router that increases the speed and accelerates data transmission. We explain how to activate the so-called Power Mode here in the text and also clearly in the video.

As is well known, a FritzBox offers you many possibilitiesto align your Internet in your own four walls according to your needs.

However, a lesser-known function is the so-called Power Mode, which can provide higher data rates and thus more speed. But you have to activate this mode first.

Because: AVM usually delivers its FritzBoxes ex works in the economical and environmentally friendly Green Mode. This is particularly the case with routers that are supplied by your Internet service provider. In newer routers, on the other hand, the power mode is often activated ex works. It is best to check your settings.

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AVM FritzBox router: How to activate the power mode

We show you exactly how to activate the Power Mode in the video above – or alternatively here in a short description:

In the browser, open the menu of your router in which you in the address line enter and log in. Under home networkz click network and network settings. Under LAN settings you can see the different LAN ports and switch from green mode to Change power mode.

The data rate is now increased from 100 MBit/s (Green Mode) to up to 1 GBit/s (Power Mode). So you may increase the data transfer by a factor of 10.

Important: The setting only affects the devices connected via LAN cable, not your WLAN.

Almost all FritzBoxes now support Gigabit LAN. In addition, your end device must have a Giga-LAN socket.

For whom is the Power Mode worthwhile?

You have the choice between Green and Power Mode for each individual port

You have the choice between Green and Power Mode for each individual port

If you want to transfer large amounts of data, for example with a 4K video stream, switching to Power Mode can make sense. The consequences can of course be higher power consumption.

If you don’t want to put up with this and can get by with normal speeds, you can of course also operate your FritzBox in Green Mode.

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