Fraport is reducing its commitment to the Skyliners

The airport operator Fraport is reducing its support as the main sponsor of the Bundesliga club Skyliners Frankfurt.

Soon it will no longer be called that: Fraport Arena.

imago images / Marcel Lorenz

The company will reduce its involvement in sports sponsorship, said the CEO of Fraport AG, Stefan Schulte, in a podcast by the Skyliners Frankfurt on Thursday: “We’re not doing really well at the moment, we have to cut costs further. We will give up the naming rights of the Fraport Arena. ”

Fraport AG, which has been involved with basketball players for eleven years, will at least temporarily give the team its name. Schulte emphasized that you don’t just let your partner fall, but “at some point we will step into the second row”.

According to an “ideal” of the club’s managing director Gunnar Wöbke, the hall is to become a youth performance center, and the German Basketball Federation (DBB) is in talks. Regardless of this, the Frankfurters hope that they will soon be able to play in a new multifunctional arena at Offenbacher Kaiserlei.

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