Four-way fight after the TV triumph with Wissler, Lindner, Weidel and Dobrindt

Dhe left leader Janine Wissler defended her party’s proposal to tax financial assets and private property. Since there would be an allowance of one million euros per person, many homeowners, especially families, would not be affected at all, said Wissler on Monday evening in the ARD live broadcast “The four-way fight after the TV triumph”. There should be an allowance of five million euros for business assets. “We need redistribution from top to bottom,” said Wissler.

For companies that are already burdened by the Corona crisis, this could be the “death knell”, said the AfD top candidate Alice Weidel. “More redistribution won’t solve a problem,” she added.

It is now a matter of “generating economic dynamism,” said the head of the CSU regional group in the Bundestag, Alexander Dobrindt.

Lindner calls for super write-offs

The FDP chairman Christian Lindner reiterated his call for a super write-off for investments in capital goods. Measures are needed with which Germany can work its way out of the crisis after the corona pandemic, said Lindner, who has ambitions for the office of Federal Minister of Finance. It shows that the USA and China are coming out of the crisis with stronger growth. In addition, Lindner called for the solidarity surcharge to be abolished as quickly as possible: “The solos is unconstitutional, so it must be dropped.”

The top candidates showed clear differences in pension policy concepts. Wissler called for the retirement age to be lowered again from 67 years. Very many people didn’t even reach that limit, she said. Wissler also called for the statutory pension to be strengthened by making politicians and officials pay as well. In addition, the tax subsidies should be increased.

With a view to the start of retirement, Lindner emphasized that this was not the right way to go. “We advocate customization,” he said. From the age of 60 people should be free to decide when to retire. Lindner also advocated the FDP model of a share pension. Weidel then certified that he had “no idea” about investments. The AfD wanted a state fund to secure pensions, but it would have to include other forms of investment in addition to shares. “Otherwise you are very prone to crashes.”

Dobrindt promoted the third stage of the maternal pension. “The maternal pension is about justice and not about election campaigns,” said Dobrindt. He also advocated a “generation pension” as a fourth pillar alongside the statutory pension, the company pension and private provision. This would be saved from birth.

Wissler: “We want to dissolve NATO”

Shortly before the federal election, Wissler is sticking to the demand for a dissolution of NATO. She vigorously rejected the fact that her party had a “soft spot” for Russia. “We want to dissolve NATO and transform it into a collective security alliance,” said Wissler. A policy of détente and disarmament is necessary.

Weidel called for an end to the sanctions imposed on Russia because of the conflict in Ukraine: “We need Russia as a partner. We also need the People’s Republic of China as a partner, just like the USA, ”said Weidel. Russia is an important geostrategic actor with whom, as in the case of China, a policy of détente must be pursued.

Objections came from the CSU and FDP. Lindner said he believed equating the US with Russia and China to be wrong. “I am deeply convinced that Russia has its place in the House of Europe,” he said. But Moscow has to obey the rules. In addition, his commitment to the transatlantic alliance is clear.

Dobrindt warned the left and AfD to question the security and alliance architecture. “We want to keep our alliance commitments in NATO too,” he said.

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