Fortnite: How do I know how much money I spent?

Fortnite has succeeded in establishing itself in the video game market and one of the things that allowed it to establish itself very quickly is its free-to-play aspect. The battle royale is indeed playable for free, on all platforms, which is a significant help to seduce its players, especially during the release. However, that doesn’t mean that everything is free.

Epic Games relies on the sale of all kinds of skins to earn money through Fortnite, and it works, as players don’t hesitate to reach into their pockets for the latest trending outfit, or a skin for their pickaxe. Since all this time, a multitude of players have been wondering how much money they spent in the battle royale. But the answer is not necessarily easy to find.

How much money have I spent in Fortnite?

Although the community has been asking for it for some time, no in-game counter is displayed to know the amount of V-bucks that has been spent, and therefore euros invested in the game. There are however several alternatives in order to have preview money spent in Fortnite.

You can, for example, connect to the Epic Games site and go to the “Account” section and check theV-bucks purchase history. Add up all the data to get the amount of money spent in Fortnite.

In addition, another alternative is to go through the site By creating an account, you will be able to access the skins store of Fortnite. You just have to add to your “wishlist” all the cosmetics that you have in your locker, and go to your wish list (via the drop-down menu) in order to have an overview of money spent in Fortnite, since the sum is shown on this screen. However, this method can take a little longer and is less precise.

Finally, to conclude, know that 1,000 V-bucks correspond to € 7.99, excluding promotion. All you have to do is do a calculation to get the sum in euros.

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