Former Mayor Carlos López Puelles was convicted of threats: "I’m going to screw it up"

Attorney Carolina Jacky.

The lawyer Carolina Jacky, victim of the threat.

López Puelles’ ex-partner was recording the conversation and in the audio it was recorded when the former official said that Carolina Jacky was going to “look for her and shit out” but she was going to wear a “little skirt so that it is not gender violence.”

A criminal investigation was initiated where he was charged with the crime of simple threats and on the afternoon of last Wednesday, after an extensive debate, it was sentenced to 7 months in suspended prison. In addition, you must comply with other rules such as prohibition of approaching and undergo psychological treatment., as detailed by the prosecutor for Gender Violence Mónica Fernández Poblet.

The magistrate detailed in statements to Hello Mendoza that the sentence of Judge Federico Martínez “was impeccable” and that “he said it was a clearly misogynistic and disqualifying act. It was a double discrimination that he did: one for being a woman and another for being a transsexual“.

Complicated in the future

If the sentence is final, it will be a complication for Carlos López Puelles in the face of what is to come. Although the former communal chief should not serve the current sentence in jail, faces another investigation in the Gender Violence Prosecutor’s Office. In that file, he is charged with the crime of constraints. Specifically, the prosecution maintains that During the divorce process with his ex-wife, he began to force her to sign the property division agreement, since if she did not do so, he would begin to spread information against her, abusing her position of power.

That case is about to go to trial, according to the prosecutor Fernández Poblet. In case of being convicted, apart from the fact that it is also an ex-jail crime, he must comply with it with effective imprisonment to have a previous firm conviction.

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