Forceful: this is how Vicente Fernández Jr. denied the death of his father

In the last hours, an apocryphal statement that announced the death of Vicente Fernandez. This fake news went viral on virtual platforms, causing the amazement and sadness of Internet users. Given this, one of his sons came out to deny the unfair information.

“Good evening. For all the general public and all the media, there is a news on the networks and there is a news on the internet that my father has just passed away, that news is false. His friend Vicente Fernández Jr. ” the son of “Charro de Huentitán” pointed out. The actor even replied on Twitter his enlightening message: “Fake news about my father’s death circulating on the internet today.”

As expected this post from the son of Vicente Fernandez it was quickly filled with views, easily surpassing the 152,000 mark in just a few hours. On the other hand, his publication received thousands of messages of love and support in the face of this uncomfortable situation.

A few days ago, the hopeful communication with the official medical part of the interpreter of “Here between us” was known. “Medical statement: On behalf of the Family Fernandez and his doctors, we appreciate that they continue to monitor the health of Mr. Vicente Fernandez. Today September 6, 2021, with a 30-day hospital stay. In general, he has remained stable with a stationary evolution, mainly in relation to his neurological condition and mobility. Currently he continues in the intensive care area under close medical supervision. He is stable, awake and without medications that affect his condition. He continues with tracheostomy, still dependent on intermittent respiratory support, since he persists with weakness in breathing muscles ”, the aforementioned message began.

“He has presented mild inflammation of his airways due to association with assisted ventilation. His feeding continues through a gastronomy tube due to inability to swallow. Recovery in mobility derived from his illness will be very slow. We await evolution and response to treatment. We thank everyone for being aware of his health. Medical information will be generated only by this means – Official Instagram Vicente Fernandez– and with the prior consent of the Family Fernandez”Concluded the official part.

Source: Instagram Vicente Fernández


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