For Biella, the litigation points of the Rent Law should be removed

Juan Martin Biella Calvet

The president of the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation, Sergio Massa, acknowledged the failure of the Rent Law and assured that they will discuss the initiative again, with a new project that gives certainty to both the owner and the tenant.

On the subject, in dialogue with Get informed, the president of the Chamber of Real Estate Brokers of Salta, Juan Martín Biella, celebrated the recognition of the “mess” what is the law though he was concerned about the modifications that they can do.

The first thing they have to do is remove the litigation points, the less risk the law is optimized, they have to protect the tenant but beware This law has an article that the government did not put into operation, which was the only good thing, which is the National Tenant Plan, the State was going to come out to help them, it did nothing. That is the most important thing this law had, “he said.

In this sense, he questioned that they issued a law that is updated every 12 months when the State updates bimonthly or quarterly. “In a country with inflation, we ask the legislators that the ICL, the update index they wanted to implement, do not do so until inflation is below two digits,” he said.

Likewise, he assured that all the costs that they want to take from the rent on the contrary end up doubling. “There must be a free pact between the parties, everything has to be very well legislated because not if it is not clarified it gives a conflict and if there is a conflict, the rent goes up. This is very important, a legislator cannot leave points open for litigation because otherwise the owner is not really interested, “he said.

For him, it is essential to translate into law the lower risk and level of conflict so that rents are once again a good deal for investors and not so expensive for tenants. “A point of equilibrium is optimal. It is what I ask the legislators, to be careful and to consult a lot, “he added.

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