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Street Gourmet

By @superchofo

Tacos the cousins (street stall) Food 4.5 Place 4 Service 4.5

Calle Monte Falco almost at the corner of Av. Patria, Zapopan, Jal.

Hours from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. They close on Sundays

No nets

They are located on the same street that a few weeks ago I reviewed a seafood stand. Coming through Patria avenue towards Mariano Otero, passing what was Plaza Tepeyac, start Monte Falco street, there you turn right and there is this stainless steel stand with a bar and with some separate tables. That inspire a lot of cleanliness and dedication to what they do. They have various sauces (which is 50% of what makes a good stand); A macha with yahualica chili that I wish was good, it is delicious. One of roasted tomato with serrano, like molcajeteada. And finally one of chili and vinegar, let’s go, like that of drowned.

Upon arrival you have to ask directly at the cashier. They do not charge you at that time, rather it is to give you an order that at the same time they pass to the taquero. Who offers you there, a consommé where they cooked the meat. By the way, everything is cooked in the same pot. Tongue, lip and beef birria. They do it for six hours and they disgrace (defat) the consome to offer it to you as lightly as possible in a plastic cup, to which you season your taste.

In this position, those of language are phenomenal / Special: Courtesy Gastrónomo Callejero

They offer tacos of birria de res $ 17, tongue 40, cheek $ 25 and steak $ 17 (not roasted because it is grilled, not on the grill). I ordered one of each. But… there was no language that day. This one ends around 9:30 am, they only use four languages ​​and that is what they sell. So I had to come back another day around 9:00 am.

The tongue ones are phenomenal, not for nothing are they the first to be finished. It is not minced or sliced ​​like I have eaten them elsewhere. They serve three more or less generous pieces, in a taco with a copy (a second tortilla) and bathe them in a green sauce that is not hot, but gives it great flavor. There, I punished them with the macha sauce, coriander and a little lemon to alternate a bite of the taco and another of a green chili. Good luck.

Morning delicacies / Special: Courtesy Gastrónomo Callejero

Those from birria, they are offered soft, semi or golden. The meat is very soft and you make them with that consommé that, accompanied with the chili sauce and vinegar, make the match perfect, to slap any diet or New Years resolution.

The cheek ones (or lip as some call them) they are delicious. For me they are the ones that had the most flavor, this is the cheek. Not for nothing do they say that something was slapped! Like the tongue, they serve you pieces that you decorate and swallow to your liking, without removing the carreño manual. You just give yourself up as if it were your last dinner and whatever has to come comes.

The one with steak, of beef sheet. They are normal, compliant, bulky, with very minced meat. Yes with the seal of quality but nothing to brag about either.

Be happy!

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