Flor de la V, the figure of the moment in America: “If I look back I see myself a victim of machismo”

Florencia de la V is the figure of the moment and the star that America chose to illuminate the renovation of its screen, which aspires to regain ground lost in audience during 2021.

At the premiere as a host in The night of the V, a night show that the actress and host started on Saturday (goes on Saturdays and Sundays) with excellent numbers and in which she proposes to “rescue some of the brightness that Argentine television lost in the pandemic”, the confirmation of the last hours is added of what the historical will lead Intruders, registered trademark of the channel, before the announced departure of Rodrigo Lussich and Adrián Pallares who move to Channel 13.

The two programs will involve Flor exclusive dedication: it will be three hours of daily driving in the shipment invented by Jorge Rial and with 21 years in the air and two days with The night of the V.

“The first thing I think to do is rest and eat well to be with all the energy possible,” said Flor in a talk with the news agency Telam, confirming his new role in Intruders, defined this Friday and which is announced preventively for February.

“I am very happy that they have chosen me to host a legendary program on the channel, delighted to be part of the América TV family,” she added before going on to talk about her new invention, a nightly show, fresh, with self-confidence, of decibels high but also close, with touches of entertainment, fun, loud laughter and crossed by the overwhelming stage presence of its protagonist.

“We wanted to do a show like this, how the first two came out, make it like the living room of my house, make it night, leaving a bit of the covid and bringing back to Argentine television some of the brightness that the pandemic stole,” he said Flower on the program that goes on Saturdays and Sundays at 22.

Trans, activist of diversities, mother of twins, wife, star, seamstress and multifaceted character of acting and the media, Flor de la V assures throughout the talk that she is “a survivor” of a magazine theater and a macho show business where she was a victim of violence that did not intimidate her and clarifies that, even though many things need to be done, “important changes have been achieved on television in the last four years.”

“I love this program that we are doing, television had become a bit monotonous and at one point everything was panel, panel, panel, that’s why I wanted to return with a show, with something similar or that evokes the theater, hence the background of the city, the band playing live, the monologues, the guests, the games, the talks. With the whole team, we were designing the program, we thought about it together, working horizontally and everything we fantasized and imagined came out as is, we did not move a dot or a comma “, I said happy of the television reunion in a leading role and charging to the shoulder a program of its own that must fight with heavyweights of the current programming, installed several years ago in the strip that disputes.

When the last weekend started with the first show of The night of the V, he remembered his debut in America with Gerardo Sofovich. In that evocation, the actress and host analyzed what changed in her from that moment to the present: “A lot, next to Gerardo I learned a lot, of times, of ways of being in front of the camera but now I find myself more solid, much more mature, I know what I want to say and what I don’t want to say, what I want to show, the line that I want to handle; A few years ago I was not so clear about where I want to go, these new challenges find me very solid and very well supported ”.

In the same vein, she analyzed what it was that motivated her to think about The night of the V: “These last two years, people have gone through very difficult times and many continue to go through them from the economic point of view, and television gives you that extra fantasy that out there is not so easy to find; television accompanies a lot, then, to be able to have this air in the midst of so much darkness, it is good to forget a little about the problems, I am not saying to leave everything behind but to abstract for a while, to have fun ”.

De la V also spoke about how he translates into the show format what is happening with diversities and advances in society: “It will not be from a combative side but that everything that will be given will be through humor , of comedy, respecting diversity and the gender perspective manual that should govern Argentine television and is not used. The problem we have is that negative messages continue to be reproduced about what a family is, about diversity, gender, things that, as communicators, we cannot ignore. Sometimes the media continues to seek controversy with certain issues and sometimes in search of rating negative messages are reproduced for the construction of a more just and egalitarian society; Beyond this, if I watch television from four years ago and compare it with the current one, we have achieved very important changes, there is a long way to go, but now we can put the accent on violence and invisibilities that were passing by ”.

In times of female empowerment, the host evaluated how the advance of feminism and the conquests of all these years changed her head. “It changed me a lot because I was part of it, I got involved, I knew how to understand that it is very important to be committed, that from our humble place it was necessary to go out and acquire new rights; That mobilizes me, I am excited to think about this expansion of rights, from the Trans Labor Quota, Equal Marriage, the Law of Legal Abortion, the Gender Identity Law, I am very happy to have raised the flag and to have taken to the streets and that our country is more egalitarian and fairer. Before I criticized artists who did politics a bit, I don’t know what I thought, and later I realized the immense power that one can have to communicate, to be able to generate awareness, that is why I militate, that is why I am present in causes that have to do with it. with the diversities and the expansion of rights ”, he evaluated.

And in the same vein, he analyzed how these conquests occurred: “It was something done from the bottom up, all the extensions of rights were given from below, from the street, from the militancy, then the politiques were there to listen to the claims but the lifeguards have been with the abortion issue for 30 years, equal marriage is also a very long claim, everything arose from the struggles of the different groups, the LGBTIQ +, Human Rights groups, everything arose in the street, everything came from below ”.

Finally, D la V put her beginnings in show business in perspective, being part of the classic magazine theater and a very macho television: “What I feel is that I am a survivor, I was able to adapt to a moment of violence, I went victim and moved on. I see it as a document, something that will remain in history to think of ourselves as a society and what we did wrong. I was not part of that world from a privileged place but from the abuse, the cruelty; If I look back, I see myself as a victim of machismo, but I also see that those violence did not intimidate me and I kept going and all that construction led me to be the person I am today; I had to go through that but that has already happened, now we are in a society that embraces new diversities ”.

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