Fivio Foreign says Pop Smoke was a “true gangsta love” because he was a Cancerian

Fivio Foreign talks about his friendship with Pop Smoke during a new interview

Fivio Foreign e Pop Smoke they emerged around the same time, and the two were always together when they began to succeed in the scene. As the two biggest names in the Brooklyn Drill resurgence, Fivio and Pop have built a strong friendship, working together several times in the studio. During your last interview with the Montreality, the rapper talked about the bond he had with Pop, describing the rapper as a “true loving bandit”.

“Pop [Smoke] it was like a real demon (American slang for tough/bad guy/gangsta) right? But he was like a loving thug, right, because he was a Cancer,” explains the “Off The Grid” rapper before defusing some tensions they had. “Once, we had a fight. He was mad at me and I didn’t understand, but I understand now because I understand cancer people more. He said, ‘Hey, I always show love. I love you, I close with you, I have quoted you in every interview. But you never showed me any love.’” he said of the fight with Pop.

“So, in my mind, I’m like, ‘You bastard, I always show love in all my stuff,’ because I was with him the whole time. When he signed, I was at Def Jam walking around Universal with him. I was with him and I always mention it in my interviews. And then I got it, but I figured it out before he died too… He was like a real loving gangsta.”

According to new information, a Los Angeles County judge denied bail for Corey Walker, one of four teenagers accused of killing Pop Smoke.

Walker’s attorney, Christopher Darden, had previously asked for bail for his client, but prosecutors in the case have filed a motion suggesting that Walker should not be eligible for bail under California law. The presiding judge, Curtis B. Rappe, agreed with the charge and denied Walker’s bail, leaving Walker in prison pending trial.

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