First: Pueyrredón and Napostá sacrificed and won as a visitor

Pueyrredón and Napostá maintained the leadership when the 12th date of the Primera basketball tournament took place on Thursday.

The auriazul beat Leandro N. Alem by 80 to 75 as a visitor, a result that he could put in favor when Segundo Vasconcelo hit the 3-point shot that left the actions 67-65 with 4m28s from the end.

In the winner the scorer was precisely the point guard with 28 points.

For his part, Napostá also took two very valuable points in his visit to Villa Miter, which he defeated 84-83, thanks to a 3-point hit by center Jorge García on the last play.

García was one of the scorers (22) along with Nicolás Quiroga (21).

Mauro Zalguizuri (Napostá) enters the heart of Villa MItre’s painting.

One of the important results of the day was the victory of Estudiantes over Bahiense del Norte by 98 to 79 at the Casanova.

There, with an effectiveness of 51% in 3-point shots, the local had in Tomás Scarpacci (22 points) and Jerónimo Mitoire (21) to the offensive pillars of Albo.

The visit was not enough with the return of Juan Pablo Morán (8).

Liniers took another step in his recovery by beating him on July 9 by 94-82 at home today, a game in which Herman Banegas achieved a key performance with 25 points and 12 rebounds.

Also fundamental for Olimpo was his victory against Pacifico 81-69 at the Norberto Tomás.

Mariano Herrero seeks to save possession against the brand of Iván Gómez Lepez.

The winner had five players with double digits in points, with Jonathan Thorp being the top scorer with 19.

Finally Estrella beat Bahía Basket 83-73 at home.

He had 5 players in double digits in points, among which point guard Damián Carci (15) stood out.


This is how the table remained: 1st) Pueyrredón (8-4) and Napostá (8-4), 20; 3rd) Liniers (7-5), 19; 4th) Bahiense del Norte (6-6), Estrella (6-6), Leandro N. Alem (6-6) and Pacífico (6-6), 18; 8th) July 9 (5-7), Estudiantes (5-7), Olimpo (5-7), Bahía Basket (5-7) and Villa Miter (5-7), 17.

Next date

The thirteenth will be played next Thursday, December 2, from 8:45 p.m., with the matches Pueyrredón-Estudiantes, Bahiense del Norte-Villa Miter, Napostá-Olimpo, Pacífico-Liniers, 9 de Julio-Bahía Basket and Leandro N. Alem-Estrella .

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