Fire here and there: “We are going through a very adverse season”, warn from the government

Photos: courtesy Carlos Salazar.

The Secretary of Environmental Control and Monitoring of the Nation, Sergio Federovisky, assured this morning that “a very important fire source persists in the south of Bariloche” and revealed that there are also fires in coastal provinces where “normally it is not a fire season ”, when evaluating the general situation.

“We are going through a very adverse season from the climatic point of view, we have had two consecutive years of drought, a water emergency declared by the Government in the middle of last year in the Paraná River basin, Limay and in other provinces, a heat wave persistent that has worsened these days, “he said. “At this time the situation is relatively calm, with a very important igneous focus that still persists in the south of Bariloche, in the area of ​​Lake Martin and Steffen, since the end of last year without being able to be fully controlled.”

The biologist and journalist stressed that there are outbreaks in other provinces, “which shows the seriousness of the situation since normally it is not a fire season for the Litoral provinces and yet we have fires in Corrientes, Entre Ríos, Misiones.”

In this framework, he recalled that President Alberto Fernández “has decreed the Igneous Emergency in order to have extraordinary resources to face this season.”

Given the high temperatures, the Ministry of the Environment, through the National Fire Management Plan, deployed aerial means and brigade members “in an unusual quantity” and with a work table that was established after the dictation of the Igneous Emergency this week.

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