Fire and tragedy: they rule out a short circuit although the mystery remains

The expertise carried out by Firefighters of the Argentine Federal Police at the home of the San Martín neighborhood where 7 people died a little more than a week ago, including 4 children, ruled out an electrical contingency inside the house, according to sources from the prosecutor’s office. .

In any case, the experts who worked on Sáenz Peña 730’s home “have not found – so far – flammable material or combustible remains” that would lead to the hypothesis of an act caused intentionally.

This last alternative is the one that some relatives of the victims believe to be valid, as they made it known publicly.

That of the federal force is the third expertise that is carried out in the property. The previous ones, one from the Headquarters and the other from experts from the Claims Directorate, who arrived from La Plata, were inconclusive.

From the UFIJ N ° 1, in charge of the prosecutor Cristian Aguilar, more testimonial and expert measures were ordered in order to continue with the investigation to determine what happened in the place.

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