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Working with two monitors brings great benefits, as your productivity will be multiplied by two in a spacious, clean and organized workspace. But beyond that, you have something else on your hands: double the space to decorate! Take a look at our list of the best wallpapers for two monitors, where you will find all kinds of modern, artistic and interesting designs.

And if you wonder how to make these funds work on your computer, check out the application Wallpaper Engine, which will give you control over the appearance of your desktop. Whether you opt for still images, animated backgrounds, or even interactive games extended to your dual screens, it is one of the best management systems for wallpapers.

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Our favorite


WallpaperFusion it’s fast and it’s packed with useful data. Hovering over an image will bring up its title, and hovering over the icons below will show the file size and image rating. All dual monitor backgrounds are professional, of excellent quality, and generally diverse enough to attract almost every eye in your office.

The resolution and formatting options are also noteworthy. For any wallpaper, you will have two options to download the images separately, for the left and right screens, as well as a complete image to stretch on two screens, or also download the original image. There’s even a handy auto-detection feature that offers a download option based on the screen you’re currently using.

The search and tagging system makes it easy to find what you want, with options to display results by popularity or category. You can download the images directly yourself, or use the DisplayFusion download tool to automatically download wallpapers that have the correct resolution and aspect ratio for your monitors.

Other sites just as good

DMB (Dual Monitor Backgrounds)

DMB is a site entirely dedicated to dual monitor wallpapers and is a great place to stop. While the quality of the images may not be as reliable, there is still a lot to find there.

The layout is ideal for viewing multiple images at once, and you can filter your selection by date, rating, popularity, and a host of other facets. Fortunately, there is a category option, as well as another for choosing a specific genre. Hover over any photo, and you’ll immediately see the caption and its resolution, which – again – is useful for people who want to see as many options as they can.

Better resolution options

Wallpapers Wide

Maybe Wallpapers Wide don’t have the world’s coolest design on your site, but it makes up for it with its incredible selection.

The options vary depending on the type of image, but for many of your wallpapers there are a plethora of options, including many resolutions for dual or triple monitor setups, 4K monitors, and just about any type of screen you can imagine. If you have a specific screen layout with particular image needs, and you absolutely hate stretched wallpapers, WW is the place to visit.

Best option for Mac

Twelve South

Twelve South it is more of a “boutique service” than anything else. It offers several download “collections” or mini-categories for those who want different wallpaper options, but each one focuses on the same topic. These backdrops encapsulate everything from the Hawaiian Islands to photos of San Francisco in the fall.

Many of the backgrounds are specifically designed to match on two screens, even if they are completely different. Let’s say you have a working MacBook and iMac: the Twelve South catalog will allow you to choose a dual-screen background that fits within the limits of your system, while remaining distinct. It’s a fun, high-quality way to unify your devices, especially if they come from the same product family.

Best Choice of Digital Art

Digital Blasphemy

The creator of Digital Blasphemy He has been working for years to create various wallpapers, and is known for adding digital effects to basically everything. There are dual and tri-screen images to choose from and more options than you might expect. Images tend to lean towards the fantastic and supernatural, making them ideal if you’re bored of the same landscape shots.

However, there is a small catch … Digital Blasphemy needs to generate income, so you will have to pay a couple of dollars for the image you choose.

The best of popular culture

Imgur Dual Monitor Wallpapers

There are many collections of images in Imgurnaturally, but this is the best we can find for dual wallpaper options. Also, these hundreds of images are full of pop culture references, which the other sites often seem to ignore. The only problem is that they are completely random, but if you are looking for that reference to Portal or a large fund of Avengers, this is the best place to start. There is no guarantee that the collection will be updated in the future, but what it has it already makes up for quite a bit.

The best option to customize


They say there is a subreddit for everything and that dual monitor backgrounds are no different. MultiWall try to find images suitable for more than one screen. It is also a good place to look for large images, we are talking about a resolution of up to 10,000 x 3,000, perfect for your new 8K screen, so if your custom screen configuration cannot be “normal”, you should visit r / multiwall.

There is also a lot of custom work, requests for touch-ups or formatting by the experts, as well as reports on new collections. It’s great if you’re looking to explore a particular topic, or are working on your ideal monitor project. Highly recommended.

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