Final Fantasy 14 will be on sale again later this month

Square Enix will launch new Data Centers in the future to ease congestion

After closing the servers to new players, Final Fantasy 14 will be on sale again at the end of January. The game experienced congestion problems after the expansion’s release Endwalker still in the month of December and, therefore, the Square Enix chose to discontinue sales of the base game. Final Fantasy 14 is almost a month without accepting new players.

In release this Friday (14), producer and director Naoki Yoshida informed that a Data Center in Oceania will be released on January 25th, with users being able to access them the following day. The plan, according to the executive, was to launch three new worlds initially and then two more. But, due to the flow of players, Oceania will receive five new worlds right from the start.

The purpose of launching the new Data Center is to alleviate the congestion faced by players. To encourage players to transfer to the new Center, the transfer fee will not be charged to Oceania players. Digital sales also return on January 25th, but if the servers continue to face congestion problems even with the opening of the new data center, the sales may be suspended again.

Other updates

In addition to the opening of the new Data Center in Oceania and the return of digital sales, Square Enix also informed the community of other news. The communiqué of Naoki Yoshida explains that the Data Center Travel System has been postponed to the future 6.1x update.

Throughout the year, other Data Centers will be launched. Japan is expected to receive it in July 2022, and Europe the same month, but in a two-step update. North America will receive the server expansion in August 2022, also in two stages.

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Finally, the developer reiterated the apology to players for the recent changes faced by the game and assured that the server expansion work will continue until 2023. “Despite these difficulties, however, we believe this server expansion is a significant step towards providing players with the best possible gaming experience in FFXIV”, said Naoki Yoshida.


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Via: Eurogamer Source: Square Enix

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