FIFA opens disciplinary proceedings against Hungary and Albania

FIFA opened disciplinary proceedings on Wednesday against the football federations of England, Poland, Hungary and Albania, in addition to condemning the disorders that involved supporters of the latter two countries in different matches of the European World Cup qualifiers.

A further punishment for Hungary by FIFA appears imminent after its fans collided with police in the stands at Wembley Stadium in London, just after Tuesday’s game against England began.

The clash broke out as police officers tried to arrest a fan on suspicion of having used racist insults against a security employee.


A file was also opened to the Football Association of England as the organizer of the match, which ended 1-1. Polish fans in London were also reportedly involved in the riots.

In the Hungarian fan section, Polish flags were displayed and some of the attendees who confronted the police wore clothes bearing the insignia of Polish clubs.

Poland’s match in Tirana, corresponding to Group I, was suspended for around 20 minutes.

Karol Swiderski had scored for Poland in the 77th minute when he was reportedly hit by a bottle thrown by Albania supporters.

The Polish players left, but returned to the field and held on to win 1-0. Both the Albanian and Polish federations would face sanctions for the acts of violence.



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