Ferrari, Binotto analyzes 2021: “The car has improved, we have been more solid over the weekends”

2021 undoubtedly marked the technical recovery of Ferrari which went from being only sixth force in the Constructors’ World Championship, a position obtained at the end of 2020 that had not been seen in Maranello for 40 years, to close on the lowest step of the world podium preceding McLaren in the constructors. A growth, as underlined by Ferrari’s TP Mattia Binotto, which has gone through various details.

The SF21 compared to the derelict SF1000 showed clear improvements, but clearly failed to close the gap from Mercedes and Red Bull also due to the almost unchanged regulation compared to the previous year, except for the changes to the fund.

If you finish in a better position in the standings, it means that in terms of the overall design, the car has improved – said Binotto, quoted by – We are fully aware that we have not bridged the gap, six tenths is clearly a big gap, but the goal was to close the gap. We were fully aware of the 2020 situation and being realistic it was impossible to bridge the gap. We were more solid during the race weekend, in the preparations and in the management of the race during the same weekends”.

Binotto then discussed the updates brought to the power unit side, on the hybrid front, a clear advance of 2022: “It was a significant change, not only in terms of design, but also in terms of production and use. The team worked very hard to anticipate this as much as possible. It was a great effort on the part of the team”.

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