Femicide in Tigre: the woman found in a ditch was strangled in her house

Judicial spokesmen detailed that Pérez will remain detained charged with “double aggravated homicide for the relationship and for having been committed mediating gender violence “(femicide), crime that has as the only penalty is life imprisonment.

The experts of the San Fernando morgue confirmed the first forensic report that this Monday they had offered the doctors who collected the body and they told the prosecutor Menteguiaga that Gómez’s cause of death it was “hand strangulation suffocation.”

The victim too had some injuries on his arms defense and were sent to analyze your fingernails, before the possibility that they are murderer’s DNA traces yes, as is believed, the victim he even scratched it during the attack.

In addition, based on different cadaveric signs analyzed at autopsy, specialists fixed between 2 and 7 in the morning of this Monday the chronotodiagnosis of the date of death.

“That strip leads us to conclude that most likely he killed her in the house and then moved the corpse and tried to set up a scene to divert the investigation and make us believe that they had murdered her in a robbery “, a judicial investigator told Télam.

The date of death was key for the prosecutor to try to determine if the primary crime scene it was the couple’s home in Calle Pensamiento 1700 in El Talar, which was raided this Monday, or if he killed her in the car when he was taking her to work, as allegedly Pérez confessed to the police on Monday when he was arrested.

“That self-incrimination that it has no judicial value, nor was it recorded in the record. But there is ample evidence to believe that we are before the author of the fact “, clarified the judicial source consulted.

The prosecutor counts as one of the evidences that compromise to Pérez, with a video of a home security camera located 50 meters from the site where the body was discarded, in which Gómez’s blue Fiat Siena is seen passing at 6:58 this Monday and that minutes after 7 o’clock he returns the same way.

For researchers, that was the moment when the murderer, who works as a security guard in a private security company, went to discard the corpse.

Marta Castillo, Gómez’s mother, told this Tuesday to the press that Pérez “he was manipulative and violent”, that his daughter had “raised to leave the relationship” and that she believes that he killed her “at 4 in the morning” and then “dressed her in work clothes” and discarded the body.

The young woman was found this Monday in a ditch located at the junction from the streets 25 de Mayo and Las Violetas, from the La Paloma neighborhood of El Talar, in the north of the suburbs, where there is a bus stop.

Tigre The woman was strangled at home and thrown into a ditch by her partner.jpg

The victim ehe was face down, with his work clothes in the Parque de la Costa, Without sneakers or her cell phone and with a bag and ID at her side.

Pérez arrived at the place around 11 in the morning crying and the troops of the 6th Police Station de Tigre noticed that it had scratches, so the man was transferred to the police headquarters and there it was found that he had injuries Linear compatible with nail stigmata behind both ears and on the right temple.

One of the hypothesis that they handle the investigations is that the missing of the slippers and cell phone of the victim is because the perpetrator of the femicide he could have wanted to set up a robbery scene to divert the investigation.

Another item that commits Pérez is that at 10.30 in the morning they saw him washing the car Fiat Siena, which after his arrest was requisitioned and kidnapped for expertise.

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Yes OK there were no previous formal complaints from Gómez to Pérez, relatives and close associates of the victim declared in the case that there was a history of gender violence.


Even Gómez’s employer stated in the case that the day before the crime, Pérez called him to ask him to give you Monday as frank to his wife because he did not want Magalí went to work on a holiday.

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The couple tHe has a 4-year-old daughter in common, whose guard has already been assigned by justice to a sister of the victim, while the Directorate of Family Promotion and Strengthening of the municipality of Tigre, was already working to legally disassociate the minor with his father in custody.

Judicial spokesmen detailed to Télam that in the four days of the weekend long past, the UFI of Gender Violence of Tigre had 13 detainees in causes of the subject, among them, a 24-year-old young man who this Monday was arrested accused of having beaten him to his 21-year-old partner, who she was admitted to a hospital from Malvinas Argentinas with septum fracture, jaw displacement and missing teeth.

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